This week, Eric, Anthony Bradley (making his maiden voyage on the podcast), and Emily discuss the resignation of Harvard University president Claudine Gay. How significant a story is this? Does it matter only for elites, or do the downstream effects impact more of America? Does it matter that the people who uncovered her plagiarism had their own political motivations? Did race play any role in this story, with Gay having been the first black woman president of Harvard? Next, the panel reflects on the passing of Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor in early December. Beyond being the first woman on the Court, what will she be remembered for? And finally, what are Eric, Anthony, and Emily hopeful for in 2024?

Harvard President Resigns After Mounting Plagiarism Accusations | New York Times

Claudine Gay: What Just Happened at Harvard Is Bigger Than Me | New York Times

Harvard President Claudine Gay Hit with Six New Charges of Plagiarism | Washington Free Beacon

How We Squeezed Harvard to Push Claudine Gay Out | Christopher F. Rufo, Wall Street Journal

Sandra Day O’Connor, First Woman on the Supreme Court, Is Dead at 93 | New York Times

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