For this episode of Acton Line we’re bringing a panel discussion from the Free Market Road Show – Grand Rapids, a recent special event we hosted here at the Acton Institute in conjunction with the Austrian Economics Center.


There is no need to describe the many problems and crises of our time. But there is a great need to look at the causes and to refute the simplified and politically opportune explanations. Only if we know exactly what the problems are and how they arose will we be able to find the right solution. New standards have come into force in almost all areas of policy and they are changing our lives, sometimes noticeably, sometimes surreptitiously, but often permanently.


This discussion centers on the problem of Unrestrained Government Spending and Economic Prosperity. The conversation features Dr. Barbara Kolm, Vice President of the Austrian Central Bank, and the Director of the Austrian Economics Center, Dr. Daniel Mitchell, a public policy economist based in Washington, DC, and is moderated by Dr. David Hebert, assistant professor of economics and director of the Center for Markets, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship at Aquinas College and an affiliate scholar at the Acton Institute.


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