In this episode we speak with Helen Raleigh on her new book, Backlash: How China’s Aggression has Backfired. This book sets out to provide a comprehensive overview of China’s domestic and international aggressions and how they overplayed their hand. We discuss China’s actions in the South China Sea, their cultural tyranny with their social credit system, oppressive international trade, and their handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.


Raleigh was born and raised in communist China, and has 1st hand experience of the cultural and political changes and the socialist experiments that millions of Chinese people had to endure – including her family.


In her book she writes, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) likes to compare itself to the sun. The party has wielded the power to determine the life and death of over one billion people for more than seventy years and is resolved to maintain such control for many more years to come. No matter how many skyscrapers arise in China, no matter how much China’s economy has shifted to depend on international trade and access to international markets, the nature of the Chinese Communist Party has never changed and it never will.”


There are ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and an overwhelming international distrust in the CCP. The United States future with China is a great unknown with a new administration in the White House.


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