Acton Line brings you a conversation with theologians Darrell Bock and Jonathan Armstrong, and Dan Churchwell — Acton’s director of program outreach. In this episode, they discuss the pros and cons of virtual reality and its impact on Christian worship.

Bock and Armstrong recognize that the world is changing faster each day as we discover new ways of navigating this seemingly infinite digital space. According to the World Economic Forum, we are entering into a Fourth Industrial Age. This age is characterized by a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. 

In their book, Virtual Reality Church, Bock and Armstrong layout a strategy on how to joyfully communicate the teachings of Jesus Christ through disruptive technologies in this new digital age. They examine how this can affect how we worship in person, but also how we can leverage virtual reality to evangelize the Christian faith where many are persecuted. Virtual Reality Church is a guide on how to integrate revolutionary technologies into our everyday Christian life to be better evangelizers. 

Virtual Reality Church 

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