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I’m very excited to be partnering with Ricochet for the launch of my new podcast, Hashing It Out. While the title is a play on my last name, my goal is to delve deep into a particular subject each episode where I speak with a different guest that adds historical context to the news and politics of the day. I hope to bring a unique product that goes beyond the ranting and raving of political talk shows and provides the listener with a formidable understanding of current events.

Yesterday I interviewed my Washington Examiner colleague Tom Rogan, and last week I posted an interview with Andrew Bakaj, the attorney representing the person who filed a whistle blower complaint against President Trump. (I recorded the interview with Bakaj in August, so we don’t talk about the Ukraine complaint.) Please check out the podcast, and if you like it then consider subscribing in iTunes (or your podcast app of choice) and leaving a review!

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