1st Lieutenant Ernest Braxton Allen, Junior


A few years ago, I went to an antique shop in Clinton. As I was looking around I noticed a wicker basket filled with old photographs. I love old photos, so I quickly started scanning through them. After looking through several hundred photos, I pulled out of the pile the following images related to the service of Ernest B. Allen, Jr., of Jackson, Mississippi. Allen was a 1st Lieutenant in the 216th Field Artillery Battalion, which was attached to the 35th Infantry Division. He was killed in action in Belgium on January 13, 1945, and was awarded the Silver Star for the action in which he lost his life. I found a copy of his Silver Star citation online, and it stated:

“When his battery was subjected to an intense enemy artillery barrage while on a convoy move, Lieutenant Allen, with utter disregard for his own safety, made his way toward several wounded men lying in exposed positions while shells were falling all about him, but was killed before he could administer aid to the wounded soldiers. His inspiring display of intrepidity and unselfishness on this occasion characterized the high type of leadership for which Lieutenant Allen had been known throughout his service in combat, and reflects high credit upon the military service.”

Photo of Ernest Braxton Allen, Junior, of Jackson, Mississippi.

Photo of Allen dated February 1943

This photo is simply identified as “Braxton’s Grave.” – Braxton was Allen’s middle name.

Allen was originally buried in the U.S. Military Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg. This photo is labeled, “U.S. Military Cemetery Hamm, Luxembourg – Flowers left from Memorial Day Service.”

Allen’s obituary from The Clarion-Ledger, January 27, 1945

In the late 1940s, Allen’s body was brought back to Mississippi and buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Jackson, Mississippi (Findagrave.com)

This Memorial Day I would like to remember Ernest Braxton Allen, Junior, of Jackson, Mississippi, who gave his life fighting for his country.

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  1. SkipSul Inactive

    I’ve rummaged myself through bins of old photos at antique shops.  You never fail to find someone’s lost history.  Of particular note for me are photos of people in places where I’ve been too – there’s always a weird personal connection there.

    I wonder if Lt. Allen’s family has forgotten about him – why else would his photos be discarded?  Perhaps he never married, and thus left no heirs, only mourning parents and siblings, and when they were gone…

    Memory Eternal, Lt. Allen.

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  2. CarolJoy, Above Top Secret Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Above Top Secret

    I take it this service man lost his life during the Battle of the Bulge?

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  3. Right Wing Teamster Lawyer Thatcher
    Right Wing Teamster Lawyer

    Thank you Jeff for bringing his valor to our attention.  His is one of thousands of stories of bravery that we, the general public, never hear.  Thanks.  

    • #3
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