Note on the Project to Save Yazidi Girls & Women


1407604744396_wps_35_SIRNAK_TURKEY_AUGUST_8_IrMany of you wrote to me directly in response to my post about saving Yazidis from ISIS. Thank you. If you did, you should have received an e-mail from me by now. If you haven’t, please write again. Ricochet’s In Box doesn’t have a search function (we plan to improve this); so I’m concerned I could have overlooked your message.

Photo credit: The Mail on Line, August 10, 2014

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  1. captainpower Inactive

    broken link should be

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  2. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    Bomb ISIS back to the Sone Age. Which should, come to think of it, set them back about a week.

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  3. Claire Berlinski, Ed. Editor
    Claire Berlinski, Ed.


    Thank you. Fixed!

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  4. Ansonia Member

    Hi Claire. Sent you an e-mail just now. Squeezed small donation out of husband for Yazda.

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  5. Claire Berlinski, Ed. Editor
    Claire Berlinski, Ed.

    Ansonia: Hi Claire. Sent you an e-mail just now. Squeezed small donation out of husband for Yazda.

    I feel very confident in saying that as of now, donating to Yazda is the single most effective thing you can do (unless you have a large, well-trained military under your command; in which case, if you don’t feel like using it, give it to me).

    You might also consider volunteering for them.

    After doing some more research, I even more strongly recommend donating to them as opposed to other groups. They’re comprised of people who know both the US side and the Yazidi side of the story very well, and have a lot of experience working with both, so would clearly be in a position to make sure the money is well-spent. They, far more than anyone else, have the motivation to see to this; those girls and women are their daughters, sisters, and mothers. Other groups in the region, unfortunately, have a lot of motivation to pocket the money or to spend it in ways that are profoundly harmful: It would be beyond tragic if money donated to help those girls and women ended up lining the pockets of some of the least savory people in the region — including ISIS. That strikes me as a real risk.

    Even a small donation — even five dollars — will make a difference. I don’t want to get into the specifics of it here, but I do feel confident that it’s worth it to make a small donation.

    The petition picked up 30,000 new names since yesterday, which is an encouraging sign. Thanks to everyone who signed and shared it.

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  6. Tim Wright Inactive
    Tim Wright

    Claire… You can also donate through PayPal, which is available at the link. Makes it really easy. Tim

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  7. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron


    I don’t want to take even a penny away from helping these women & girls. However, you posted the photo from the Daily Mail article of August 2014. How is it that the NY Times didn’t cover this story properly then? Maybe they did and I missed it. I try not to read the Times as it disappoints me most of the time. The normal take would be “Oh the Daily Mail, they were just sensationalizing the story.” How can you cover genocide and have it not be sensational. Do you actually want coverage of genocide that isn’t sensational. Frankly, the old Barry Goldwater quote comes to mind.

    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

    The Times might contemplate the wisdom of Mr. Goldwater. They may be the paper of record but it is a distorted recording.



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  8. Eric Mawhinney Inactive
    Eric Mawhinney

    In case you aren’t aware of why action is desperately needed, please read here, from the NYT of all places. And if you are moved to, go to Yazda and please donate.

    Sorry if this reads as preaching to the choir, but we can’t possibly do enough to be sure every adult who reads English is aware of this.

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