Why Did You Join Ricochet?


I know, I know: broken record time. But here’s the problem: we here at Ricochet HQ know why we love Ricochet. And from the rate of returning and renewing members (which, just so you know, is what someone in the member/subscription business called “stratospherically high”) we know that our members love it, too.

So here’s my question: why did you join? What triggered you to sign up and join this excellent community?

Because our problem is this: we have, across all of our podcasts, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of listeners. And we have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of unique web visitors. We — all of us — are bigger than MSNBC. Seriously.

But we have vastly fewer members.

And that’s okay — really, it is. We’re not tottering on the verge of collapse, I promise.

But we’d like to grow our membership. Just a little bit. A few thousand new members would be a very big deal to us.

So: when you joined, what pushed you over the edge?

(And I’d be roasted alive at the next management meeting if I didn’t also add: if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for?)

(And also:  Hey! Sign up for The Daily Shot! It’s open to all, even non-members, because we don’t think you’ll be a non-member for long…)

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  1. kaekrem@aol.com Thatcher

    I realize I’m super late to the party, but what the heck… My mother initially introduced me to Ricochet, and I used to visit the main feed off and on for years. I loved listening to Peter Robinson speak- his voice is like being wrapped in a warm fleece blanket. And I loved reading Troy- his wit, insight, and occasional snark were a delight. I eventually bit the bullet and paid for a subscription, thinking, “Well…I can always cancel. I’m probably never going to use it.” Was I wrong! Instant addiction followed; a Ricochet is like everything you always wished Facebook would be. People have been so warm and welcoming.

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  2. Concretevol Thatcher

    I hate to correct you but Peter’s voice is more like a warm sweater tied around your neck. :)

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  3. kaekrem@aol.com Thatcher

    Concretevol:I hate to correct you but Peter’s voice is more like a warm sweater tied around your neck. :)

    Oh my gosh! Touché! I just laughed really hard.

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  4. Dex Quire Inactive
    Dex Quire


    NR is too exclusive

    AP a bit too scholarly and inbred (except for Ben Stein, God Bless him)

    WS is a bit too bland, too DC-ish

    AC, AmRen, AT a wee bit too out there, at least for a Convert Con

    Taki is too anti-Semitic friendly

    Ricochet is cool because it founders are writers and writers are weird….

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  5. Xennady Member

    Forgive me for commenting twice, but I’d like to revise my answer.

    While I certainly want to encourage the continuation of the original podcast, I’d also like to say that when I said I want to tell people that they’re wrong I didn’t express my actual opinion very well.

    I want to discuss events, expressing my disagreement as warranted.

    The people who’ve spent their precious time disagreeing with me have been fabulous, and I cherish that their arguments have been good.

    Back when I argued with leftists for fun- well, that wasn’t what I experienced.

    Advantage: Ricochet.

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  6. Super Nurse Inactive
    Super Nurse

    That’s an interesting question. Now that I think of it, I had become addicted to the podcasts, and when they went behind the paywall, I just jumped. I meant to join for some time before that, being an upstanding citizen and wanting to pay for the content you labor to create. But I never took that leap until threatened with losing the access. Also, I found the idea of such a small and connected community very appealing. Once I started commenting and having great debates with other members, I was hooked. I don’t get to read the site very much (it’s been a rough year) but when a big shot likes a comment or comments on one of my posts, I feel famous for a few seconds. I drive to work for many many hours each week, and my sometimes companion is a pre-verbal one year old, so I really look forward to the fun, smart podcasts at each release!

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  7. Swanning in the Beltway Member
    Swanning in the Beltway

    It was November 6 2012, I was overseas for work and desperately depressed at the election result.  I’d been trolling through National Review looking for comfort, listened to the Ricochet podcast and started laughing.  I started to feel better reading everyone else’s commiserations.  I felt better and have been a loyal member ever since.

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