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I mean, I joined Ricochet March 8, 2016. I started several conversations, but my most successful one was written about cider, which was one of my earliest ones. I commented all over the place, jumped into the Pit, joined the Chix once in awhile, talked about cars, firearms, my marriage (41 yrs. next month). But […]

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I love Ricochet, I’m very happy with my membership, but I find myself spending less and less time on a PC. This really limits how active I am Ricochet. The website works fairly well on a mobile device, which is nice, but an App would be so much better and more accessible. Has Ricochet ever […]

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I was one of those warbloggers that got started after 9-11.  I posted like crazy at first.  I got into Blog arguments and discussions day and night. Eventually I got some Instalanches and got onto the Instapundit blogroll, back when that was a thing. I blogged for 5 or 6 years to daily audience… But […]

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Help Me Pitch Ricochet


Join or DieMany of us are quick to tell friends about a great book, movie, or restaurant we’ve discovered. So it is with Ricochet. I want others of the center-right persuasion to experience the awesomeness of this site. So, I’ve made the sales pitch for Ricochet to five people in my area and either gave them a Ricochet business card, or followed up with an e-mail with a link to Ricochet. To the best of my knowledge, none of them have even looked at the site (to their loss).

I may have convinced a cousin to sign up for The Daily Shot. I’ve got one friend who I thought would love Ricochet, so I bought him a one-year membership. Unfortunately, this was just before the conversion to Ricochet 2.0 and Max’s hiring, so the site wasn’t working properly. I couldn’t even get him to come to the Fargo Ricochet Meetup, and he lives closer than every member (except me) who did come. I always tell people about the free content — Main Feed, The Daily Shot, the podcasts — hoping that they will check out that stuff and eventually decide to join, but I don’t think anybody even looks at the site.

I am obviously a terrible salesman for Ricochet. So I want to hear from those of you who have talked somebody into joining. How did you do it?

Meeting Old Friends for the First Time


shutterstock_319221761As a conservative libertarian* in Massachusetts, I’m used to being the odd man out when politics comes up in person. I usually do a fair deal of listening and tongue-biting before finding an opportunity to say something to the effect of “Hey, I hear what you’re saying, but I think there’s another way of looking at this. You see…” It often works in small groups; in larger ones, it’s usually just a precursor to me being called a hater or having a pile of straw men dumped on me.

Of course, I also have Ricochet, which means I get to debate, argue, and mix things up with people who not only know how to have The Most Civilized Conversation on the Internet™, but who often think I’m the squishy moderate. And you know what I’m really excited about? I get to meet a bunch of these old friends for the first time in person next month.

You see, Ricochet is more than just an awesome website, and the best podcast publisher in the Nine Realms (though it is both of those things): It’s also where right-of-center folks of all stripes can tap into a national network of like-minded people to share knowledge, swap jokes, ask questions and, if they so choose, share a drink. Our members have hosted dozens of meet-ups around the country — around the world, in fact — there’s even an unofficial (but awesome!) website devoted to the matter. These have ranged from a few people getting together for a beer, to multi-day events featuring dressed-up dinners and trips to the shooting range with Charles C. W. Cooke.

And Now, a Message from Our Sponsors


As Ricochet’s Editor-in-Chief, it’s my job to write stories, recruit authors, and ruthlessly enforce both the Chicago Manual of Style and our vaunted Code of Conduct. But if you only know me from my scintillating insights, withering quips, and penchant for hipster coffee, you’re only seeing a small portion of my vibrant, fulfilling life.

When Rob Long and Peter Robinson hired me for the big chair, they promised more fame and wealth than any lower-middle-class schlub like me had any right to expect. Even considering my manifest talent and chiseled glutes, I never thought I’d be able to purchase a home for my growing family. Sure, it’s a modest abode, but thanks to the steady work, we now a roof, four walls, and a little space for our dog to explore.

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The editors were just asking each other, backstage, who among us might be in Canada and able to give us an update on the Canadian elections. We were running through the names of our Canadian members from memory. Then we realized we should really be more organized about this. Ricochet has a presence in every inhabited continent (and we […]

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The Greatest Website in the History of Websites


ric5Here’s the deal: Ricochet is a great website. I would say The Greatest Website in the History of Websites, but I’m admittedly biased. So let’s look at this objectively.

First, consider our podcasts. Most political blabfests sound like they’re being broadcast on a ham radio 20 feet below a busy third-world harbor. And how many times can you have the same 10 marginal hosts interview each other about last month’s conventional wisdom? Obviously, there are some good ones out there, but few that are Ricochet-good.

Our flagship podcast is hosted by the guy who wrote “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” the guy who wrote “Cheers,” and the ur-blogger who blessed the Internet with Art Frahm. I don’t want to be rude, but no one else can compete with that (no matter how much of Lileks’s content Buzzfeed steals). Our other podcasts are hosted by Charles C.W. Cooke and Kevin Williamson and Jim Geraghty and Jay Nordlinger and Mona Charen and James Delingpole and … look, I can’t even count them all. There isn’t a radio station around with Ricochet’s level of in-house talent and insight.

10,000 Ricochetti


10000The economic mess in Greece is a result of faulty math. No matter how much the leaders in Athens wanted two plus two to equal pi, the laws of arithmetic didn’t allow it. Even the silly socialists of the European Union couldn’t pretend to violate those rules forever.

The Greeks, of all cultures, should understand how this math stuff works. These are the people who gave us Euclid, Pythagoras — and who can forget Eudoxus of Cnidus? (Am I right, ladies?) Back in those good old days, the Greeks used letters of the alphabet to represent numerals. They chose mu to represent 10,000, since the full name was myriad.

I’m no numerologist, but myriad pops up again and again among the greatest moments in Western civilization:

Back in the Game, Skin and All


After an unfortunate absence of well over a year, It feels great to once again have access to all the benefits offered by the best community on the web. I had made the hard choice of letting my membership slip in the face of oncoming marriage and home ownership (belt tightening and austerity was the rage at the time.)

Rejoining, I am reminded of how I first followed Peter and Rob here from NRO. I then joined this site because of the banter offered between them and James on the main podcast. I continued to stop by each day for the well written articles and insight. I still eagerly wait for the newest podcasts of all the great reoccurring shows hosted here.

Why I Joined Ricochet Is Not Why I Stayed


shutterstock_234489694I first heard of Ricochet from that sophisticated salon of ideas known as Twitter. I had long been a fan of Peter Robinson’s thoughtful insights and Rob Long’s smart wit, but what set their website apart was the goal of civility. Web traffic is great, making money is wonderful, but the rarest commodity online is intelligent discussion.

Like many Ricochet readers, I had belonged to several internet fora and found civility at none. Whether it was a general news site, a no-opinions-barred political community, or a strictly conservative outlet, each was riddled with infighting, trolling and personal invective. Inadvertently tick off an admin and be swamped with profanity for days. Tell an ill-timed joke and get your IP address blocked. (In my defense, it was a pretty great joke.)

I didn’t know if Robinson and Long could pull it off, but I knew I wanted to be there if they did. There would finally be a “safe space” where like-minded souls and I could discuss those ideas which we agreed upon. What a breath of fresh air.

This Is Not PBS


Daily ShotYes, we give away mugs. Even the occasional tote bag (Look Smug, Reaganites!) But Ricochet is not PBS. There’s no government funding here. No grants from the Mr. and Mrs. Moneybags Foundation. No DVD sales or distribution deals with the BBC. That leaves us with… you. Yep. You.

If you want to continue to get the kind of commentary and podcasting that you’ll find nowhere else – and not just from pundits but hard working conservative and libertarian Americans with real world experiences – we need you to tell us. And the best way to tell us is by joining right now.

You’ve heard the pitches. You know the benefits of membership. You might even know that if you join us right now you can get the first month on the house. And you know that you’d miss us if we were gone.

An Open Letter to the Ricochet Lurker


Remember the first time you dropped by Ricochet? You followed a link from Facebook or Twitter; or maybe it was an email from your college buddy. When you finished that article, you browsed a few others and liked what you saw.

A co-worker recommended the flagship podcast, so you subscribed to that and added a couple of the other podcasts a little later. Much like the articles, you were surprised at the intelligence, humor, and grace, even when dealing with contentious issues. The hosts and guests weren’t screaming at each other like they do on cable news or screaming at you like so much talk radio. Instead, you found something that was missing online: an actual discussion.

Join Ricochet and Save the Planet


Five-Ways-You-Can-Help-Save-the-PlanetYes, this is yet another pitch for new members. We know you’re out there — you folks who read Ricochet, listen to the podcasts, even support our advertisers. And that’s great — we really appreciate it. But the core of our business is membership. It’s not just the money (although that’s obviously great), it’s the posts that members write and the comments they make. That’s what really runs this place. Plus, if you’re not a member, you’re missing out on the best part of Ricochet — the world famous Member Feed.

The Ricochet Member Feed is quite simply the most unique community on the web. Members post on any topic and great conversations ensue. How great? Well, I’ll let you all in on something of a trade secret: When we put together the rundown for our podcasts, the first place we look the Member Feed. It’s simply the best place to understand what’s in the zeitgeist at any given moment.

So please; help me help you. Join Ricochet today and get your first month free. Then, post or comment on the Member Feed so we can recycle your thoughts on our podcasts. It’s the green thing to do.

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Those who have not started fast forwarding the first two minutes of Ricochet podcasts have likely noticed all the calls for new members and expired members to return – even as I wrote this a new con, I mean, marketing technique came up on the member feed. With so many finding Ricochet through the podcasts, […]

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His royal Yeti-ness suggested I post about this, so here goes: An important aspect of modern American politics is that smart, honest supposedly liberal people might actually agree with conservatives on a lot of issues, but they have been convinced that conservatives are basically dumb.  It’s actually easy to watch Fox News and come to this conclusion; but […]

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