Breaking China: Congressman Mike Gallagher on Asian Geopolitics and Beyond


Not yet 40 years old, Republican congressman Mike Gallagher has been elected four times to the House of Representatives from Wisconsin’s eighth district, which includes Green Bay and, more importantly, Lambeau Field, home of the Packers. He’s currently serving as the chair of the US House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. He joins in a wide-ranging conversation to discuss the Chinese threat to Taiwan, TikTok’s dangers to American youth, who actually is the fastest man in Congress, his advice for Pope Francis, and how to be a Packers fan in troubled times.

Recorded on November 14, 2023.

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  1. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    This was a great interview.  Mike Gallagher is truly remarkable. I have heard him interviewed several times before, but never realized how young he is. It gives me hope for this country as long as we can produce young men of his caliber.

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  2. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    Mike Gallagher is impressive. 

    He is a regular on Hugh Hewitt – always get good incite from him.


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  3. colleenb Member

    Finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing. Warms the cockles of my heart to know that such a good man is serving in Congress. Also he is 100% right about the Holy Father. From his lips to the Pope’s ears.

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