Ep. 1: “Getting her words through the air.”


Again I am begging the indulgence of the management, and posting this for you, the Ricochet Inner Party.

Episode 1 concerns the precocious start to a remarkable career. Peg Lynch went from a  Minnesota – a very small town, I’ve been there – and worked her way up the radio ladder to a career on national networks, and then a run on television in the best sitcom you’ve never seen. In this episode we learn a lot about the constraints and opportunities of small-town life, with a surprising array of Big Famous Names: Peg’s mother was the personal nurse to Dr. Charles Mayo, and Peg would work at the clinic and meet all the important types who came to the hospital. Like who? you ask. Well, you’ll just have to listen.

Astrid King narrates, as usual, telling her mother’s story in Peg’s own words, drawn from letters, interviews, and recollections. I barge in from time to time.  Like and subscribe, as they say!

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  1. JennaStocker Member

    Nothing short of a treasure. Whenever James writes or talks about Ms. Lynch I’m amazed that she doesn’t get the credit she deserves. I love the pictures, the Peg’s interwoven interviews with Astrid’s narration, and the sparks of foreshadowing to a great and prolific career: the journaling, library visits, and keen sense of observation of the world around her. William Powell, Lou Gehrig, Randolph Scott, Knute Rockne, Ernest Hemingway, Ms. Snodgrass. Her “Puck” story had me chuckling at the subtle passive swipe, you can take the girl out of Minnesota…

    But what strikes me is her life, the beginning of which is told here. A mother, writer, storyteller, producer and all with immense talent and focus. It makes me feel awe and hopelessly inadequate at the same time. Thanks James and Astrid for sharing Peg with us.

    P.S. The four leaf clover story brings to mind It’s A Wonderful Life and Zuzu’s petals for some reason. 

    Looking forward to the next episode.

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  2. Addiction Is A Choice Member
    Addiction Is A Choice

    WOW!  Treasure is right!  Great, great stuff!

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  3. James Lileks Contributor
    James Lileks

    Thanks! Much more to come.

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