World War II, Week by Week


Calling attention to a fine YouTube series, World War II -Week by Week, hosted by Indy Neidell. Every Saturday, they publish a roughly 20-minute show summarizing events that occurred during the corresponding week of WWII (e.g., the events that occurred on September 1, 1939, were covered by the video published on September 1, 2018, etc.)

The war is covered on all fronts in detail. On June 6, they published a 24-hour series about D-Day hour by hour. I haven’t seen the whole marathon yet, but the parts I have seen are excellent.

By the way, they also published similar, but less extensive series, on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. In addition (if you have a strong stomach), there is the War Against Humanity series, hosted by Spartacus Olsson. If you are interested in espionage and related skullduggery, check out the Spies and Ties series hosted by Astrid Deinhard.

I made a substantial (by my standards) monetary contribution to help defray the costs for the production of the D-Day series, and am proud that my name (along with hundreds of others) is listed on the credits.

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  1. JosePluma, Local Man of Mystery Coolidge
    JosePluma, Local Man of Mystery

    Bravo!  I’ve been a Patreon of The Time Ghost Army since that series started.  Indy has also used our own @seawriter as a reference several times.

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  2. MWD B612 "Dawg" Member
    MWD B612 "Dawg"

    I watched Indy’s series “The Great War” which did a similar week-by-week overview of WWI. It was also quire good.

    The series on WWII is fantastic. Time Ghost (the company created by [I think] Indy and Sparty to produce history series on YouTube also has videos in a “Between the Wars” series.

    But of all the work Time Ghost has done, the “War Against Humanity” series is by far their best, most important work. I mentioned on a Twitter thread that I, “Honestly don’t know how he (Sparty) gets through each episode without breaking down.” TG replied that, “Neither do most of us, it’s really the most brutal and gut-wrenching content of this period to cover hands down.” 

    (NB: “War Against Humanity does not just cover the Holocaust. The series calls out all the attacks and murders of civilians and POWs in all theaters of the war.)

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  3. Michael Collins Member
    Michael Collins

    When I first began to write this post, I mentioned that it was on YouTube.  Somehow, in all my editing and re-editing I deleted any reference to YouTube. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I have reinserted a reference to YouTube.  There is no point in promoting the show, unless you know where to look for it!

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  4. Skyler Coolidge

    Great YouTube channel.  I’m no slouch when it comes to WWI and WWII history, but I’ve learned a lot from Indie. 

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  5. Steve Fast Coolidge
    Steve Fast

    Watched the first video and enjoyed it. Thanks for suggesting it.

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  6. Stad Coolidge

    Oh man, I missed it . . .

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  7. MWD B612 "Dawg" Member
    MWD B612 "Dawg"

    Stad (View Comment):

    Oh man, I missed it . . .

    It’s still up there. Here’s a link to the D-Day 24 Hours Channel.


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  8. Suspira Member

    Is his name really Indiana? I mean, surely not, but there’s no hint of a “né” in the Wikipedia entry.

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  9. Skyler Coolidge

    Suspira (View Comment):

    Is his name really Indiana? I mean, surely not, but there’s no hint of a “né” in the Wikipedia entry.

    Most likely not.  And his co-correspondent’s name is not likely “Spartacus” either.  Nom de cine.

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  10. Michael Collins Member
    Michael Collins

    A big thank you to everyone who recommended this post for promotion to the Main Feed.  It remained at the top of the board through most of Saturday. This isn’t about feeding my vanity. Everyone who accessed Ricochet during that time was exposed to the post, and some probably decided to check on these YouTube channels for themselves. The Time Ghost Army has created (and continues to extend and improve) an important educational resource which will benefit everyone who uses it.

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