Richard Epstein hashes through Elon Musk’s possible acquisition of Twitter and the worries of possible monopoly abuse it has raised. Plus, what happens next at Amazon after a successful union vote?

Richard Epstein covers our new Supreme Court Justice’s legal background, California’s overreach on pork, Merrick Garland’s January 6th investigation, and Elon Musk’s new position on Twitter’s board.

Richard Epstein discusses mission-drift from the Securities Exchange Commission and the wider push for climate change action at executive agencies.

Richard Epstein responds to op-eds from major newspapers on free speech and cancel culture, and offers context on the current Supreme Court nomination.

Richard Epstein reacts to a recent protest at Yale’s law school and highlights the different responses by the right and the left to speakers they disagree with.

Richard Epstein discusses President Biden’s State of the Union address, which covered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rapid inflation at home, and the upcoming federal budget.

Richard Epstein provides an overview of how the United States should respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and describes how he differs from other libertarians on foreign policy.

Richard Epstein discusses an executive order that would require firms to use union labor and the likelihood that it will stand up in court.

Richard Epstein explains sensible solutions that would increase immigration while balancing national security concerns.

Richard Epstein discusses cancel culture within universities and the controversy over filling the next seat in the Supreme Court.

Richard Epstein reflects on Justice Breyer’s time on the Supreme Court and considers who should replace him—including Vice President Kamala Harris.

Richard Epstein opines on expanding the mandate of the Federal Reserve, extending jurisdiction of the SEC to public companies, and promoting climate policy through executive agencies.

Richard Epstein judges new statues meant to expand voting rights and offers a mechanism to determine whether they will increase or decrease voter fraud.

Richard Epstein discusses the history of the Electoral Count Act and the modern-day election reforms that are necessary to prevent another contentious election.

Richard Epstein hands out harsh grades to President Biden for his handling of the economy, Afghanistan, and energy policy—and makes a few predictions for 2022.

Richard Epstein discusses the oral arguments in the Supreme Court case that looks like it will overturn Roe v. Wade—and makes a prediction about the final vote.

Richard Epstein argues that the spending provisions in Biden’s reconciliation bill are less worrisome than the structural changes it will impose on the labor market.

Richard Epstein discusses the Justice Department’s plans to pay families who were separated from their children at the border and President Biden’s approach to those who are claiming political asylum.

Richard Epstein explains the problem with taxing unrealized capital gains and predicts how the wealthy will work to avoid paying higher taxes.

Richard Epstein parses the ability of Donald Trump to use executive privilege as a former president and discusses the consequences of the House select committee holding Steve Bannon in contempt.