Episode 167: Cookies and Underwear

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This week, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York on Benghazi and immigration, Rob correctly ID’s a blintz and assails the lickspittle press, Peter orders some unmentionables online, and James keeps the whole show on track. In other word, a normal week. 

Music from this week’s show:

Underwear by Pulp

The Ricochet Podcast opening theme was composed and produced by James Lileks

Boxers or briefs, EJHill?

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  1. The King Prawn

    What happened to Kevin Williamson? Is he on next week? Not that I mind hearing Byron, he’s pretty awesome too.

  2. Next week.

  3. Chris

    Very funny description of Peter’s problem.  Definitely shows why Rob makes the big bucks.

  4. David Knights

    How about Dave Burge?  Any chance?

  5. Franco

    Still recovering from hearing my name. I thought no one looked at the chat room conversation. It’s like I work for Fox News and Obama called on me at a presser.

    Anyhow, Rob’s defense – his distinction about a candidate whining about being unable to get his message out vs. the overall media bias, is a good one. But we must have all been talking past each other because that was never my issue when complaining about the MSM and our candidates.

    Republican candidates can get their message out, and in straight reporting during an election cycle journalists are on pretty good behavior about being fair. However there is a lot of wiggle-room for the Democrat Praetorian Guard media when it comes to the framework and context. And I would ask Rob, Given the level of abject ignorance they are giving to the Benghazi scandal, don’t you think they use their powers in whatever way they can to influence opinions of voters during elections? Since it is proven that they are rank partisans, don’t they get to emphasize and de-emphasize various issues (see benghazi story) during elections to the benefit of the Democrat candidate(s)?

  6. Ryan M

    Yeti… sometimes the job you do picking music is simply amazing.

  7. We are in negotiation with David. Soon.

  8. Brasidas

    Bravo, EJHill!  Just outstanding photo-shopping this week.

  9. Cunctator

    In addition to David Burge, would love to hear Ace from AoSHQ . . . .

  10. ParisParamus

    Whoever picked the Pulp song, thanks for the intro to a band I don’t know (except via Shatner’s cover of Common People).  The song is about as close as one can come to a tribute to Bowie without feeling like a ripoff.

    Also, thank you for the hearing testimony excerpt.  This scary movie I feel I’m living in, All The President’s Sycophants, keeps getting worse and more scary.

  11. Wes046

    Rob’s “Will the truth {Benghazi} get out?” Lament was stunning. [theblaze.com] has been all over this for months. As the owner of that site says: “do your own homework”.

    Found a great deal of hope in York’s analysis that [paraphrase] “the story will live as long as Congress keeps it alive.”

    Believe we are at the Charles Murray [Coming Apart] tipping point: we are about to see if  “America” cares. Does Honesty Matter?

  12. ParisParamus

    Astonishing that no one on this Podcast could recognize a KNISH on the streets of NYC? 

  13. RightTurn

    I’ve been a huge Pulp fan since “Common People,” and was pleasantly surprised to hear them here, but I had never heard William Shatner’s hilarious/terrifying cover version. Thank you for making it known! 

    (“Seductive Barry” would’ve been a good Pulp song during the campaign.)

    ParisParamus: Whoever picked the Pulp song, thanks for the intro to a band I don’t know (except via Shatner’s cover of Common People).  The song is about as close as one can come to a tribute to Bowie without feeling like a ripoff.

    Edited on May 11, 2013 at 1:32am

  14. Fred Cole

    What was the podcast Rob recommended?  

  15. It’s called The Memory Palace

    Fred Cole: What was the podcast Rob recommended?   · 54 minutes ago

  16. ParisParamus

    RightTurn, “terrifying”? It’s better than the original, especially with Joe Jackson sounding like 1979 Joe Jackson!

  17. RightTurn

    I’ve always found William Shatner’s music to be the stuff of nightmares. Joe Jackson does sound good, though. Didn’t realize that’s who was singing. 

  18. Fred Cole
    Blue Yeti: It’s called The Memory Palace.  · 15 hours ago

    Fred Cole: What was the podcast Rob recommended?   · 54 minutes ago

    Kind thanks.

  19. Dick from Brooklyn

    This week my three favorite podcasters mentioned three of my favorite NYC delicacies:

    Knishes,Papaya King hot dogs, and ME!!

    (1) The NYC delicacy to which Peter alluded is a knish, not a blini or a blintz. This reminds me that Mel Brooks fondly describes his friend Dick Cavett as, “spectacularly gentile”. What does this make our treasured Mr. Robinson? Wondrously white-bread? Made-o-mayo?

    (2) The Papaya King hot dog to which Mr. Long refers is the standard against which I judge all others. Anthony Bourdin (a ying to Cavett’s yang if ever there were one), agrees saying “The best hot dog is at Papaya King on East 86th Street. Be sure to enjoy it with a frothy delicious papaya drink—and if you put ketchup on your dog I will *#@%ing kill you.”

    (3) Yes, I am the e-marketer to which Mr. Long referred. Yes, I can see everything that you do online. (That means you, creepy.) No, Rob’s wedding dresses and Peter’s boy’s underwear ain’t nothin’ compared to what I have on Lileks. (hint: closet full of clown-suits)

  20. ParisParamus

    RightTurn, I’m showing my age, and it was long ago, but Joe Jackson’s first two discs were superb; it was the time of good FM Radio in NYC (WNEW), Elvis Costello and the Attractions, etc.  That Jackson could plummet from Look Sharp to Stepping Out in three or four years is tragic.  Joe Jackson on that Shatner Disc (Ben Folds produced) was like a time-warp back to 1979–superb.

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