Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic episode 77! This week: * Keir Starmer comes under pressure after persuading Lindsay Hoyle to tear up the parliamentary rule book to enable his MPs to kowtow to an islamic mob * Rishi Sunak rescues Starmer by suspending Lee Anderson, enabling the Labour leader to change the subject to the Tory Party’s problem with ‘Islamophobia’ * Meanwhile, the French show us how it’s done by deporting a Muslim hate preacher tout suite * Plus everyone’s favourite section Peak Woke * Premium content in this week’s episode includes Charlotte Church claiming ‘From the river to the sea’ is the Palestinian version of ‘Imagine’, the self-immolation of an anti-Israel protestor (literally) and Trump saying African-Americans are now supporting him because he’s being wrongfully prosecuted (implying that’s  a very common experience for black people)

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