The Waiting Game

This week, it’s all about the waiting: Jonah’s waiting for the cable guy, John is waiting for Kol Nidre, Rob is waiting for a pitch. Also, everything you’ve always wanted to know about Yom Kippur, the Emmy’s, what’s the deal with peak TV, Scott Walker quits, Carly rises, a mediation on practical politics, and the guys reveal their Secret Service code names. What’s yours?

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  1. Douglas Inactive


    Hank Rhody:I’d like to point out, Mr. Podhoretz, that taking the Animal House approach [CoC warning] to your explanations isn’t likely to engender trust in the future.

    Yeah, so politicians make wild promises to get votes but the real problem is that the voters are not smart or educated enough to realize that these campaign promises can not possibly happen. This is your best defense of Republicans and you still wonder why outside candidates are taking 50% of the polls?

    It’s this kind of blatant arrogance that fueled the rise of Trump.

    • #31
  2. Douglas Inactive

    Cat III:

    Carey J.:

    Cat III:I appreciate the guys’ comments on customer service. I work in a call center (not for Verizon) and I can attest that we get a lot of calls from people that, we as low level employees, are unable to help. It’s easy to understand customers’ frustrations, but options are limited for the person on the other end of the line.

    Correct. The people who take customer service calls typically make $10-$15/hr. The turnover is so high that most of them have been in their jobs less than a year. Very few have been in their jobs three years. A cable TV call center has literally hundreds of people taking calls whenever they’re open.

    Here’s a question for you folks who hate customer service. If you were running a billion dollar company, would you give any real authority to hundreds of new employees who don’t make much more than minimum wage?

    A lot of the problem lies with the consumer. People hate customer service, but they hate high prices more. Hiring lots of experienced Americans is expensive and the public hasn’t been willing to make the trade-off.

    Not that the companies should be let off the hook. They’re massive bureaucracies themselves. May fortune befall the man who finds a way to improve the customer service model of major corporations.

    Yup. Americans are hypocrites. We want gold, but at the price of tin.

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