On this episode of The Report Card, Nat Malkus speaks with David Steiner about coherence and fragmentation; why curricula, teacher training programs, and assessments should be aligned (and why they usually aren’t); SEL; where Common Core fell short; E.D. Hirsch and the importance of teaching content; why economics, music, and philosophy should be taken more seriously in secondary education than they usually are; AP exams and CTE; teachers unions, master’s pay premiums, and schools of education; whether school is boring; why American teachers tend to focus more on students and less on subject matter than teachers abroad; the state of the humanities in American education; teaching students Ancient Greek; how not to teach Shakespeare; and more.

David Steiner is Executive Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, Professor of Education at Johns Hopkins University, and the author of A Nation at Thought: Restoring Wisdom in America’s Schools. He was previously Dean at the Hunter College School of Education and the Commissioner of Education for New York State.

Show Notes:

A Nation at Thought: Restoring Wisdom in America’s Schools

Arguing Identity: Session Three

Make Sense of the Research: A Primer for Educational Leaders

Don’t Give Up on Curriculum Reform Just Yet

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