Samantha Bee Called Young Man a Nazi. Then Apologized. Kinda.


Samantha Bee is not funny. She hosts a TBS show named “Full Frontal,” which mimics the hard-left fake-news template of “The Daily Show.” The latter show still exists, hosted by the not-funny Trevor Noah, while the not-funny Seth Meyers and the once-funny Stephen Colbert mine the same depleted vein on their own late-night talk shows.

All of these programs are intended as Comedy, but are better described as Urban Liberals Yelling At Americans Who Disagree With Them. Here’s how the formula works:

  1. Play an out-of-context clip of a Republican.
  2. Show the host staring into the camera, crinkling his/her nose, opening his/her eyes wide, or tapping his/her pencil.
  3. Peals of digitally enhanced laughter from the live audience, as home viewers check Netflix.

You don’t tune into “Full Frontal” for jokes or satire, but common snark and mockery of The Other. It’s Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate with a laugh track. On Wednesday night, Ms. Bee cast CPAC as Emmanuel Goldstein, cleverly labeling attendees fascists. In a segment focusing on the gathering, Bee said, “This year, the bow ties were gone, replaced by Nazi hair, Nazi hair, Nazi hair.” As she said this, several attendees were shown, including 20-year-old student Kyle Coddington.

#LOL #NaziHair

However, Coddington’s sister jumped on Twitter Thursday morning with the backstory:

After the above tweet received much attention, “Full Frontal” staff apologized.

In addition, the show donated $1,000 to Coddington’s GoFundMe page, which notes he’s fighting stage 4 glioblastoma.

We rarely see apologies offered between partisans of the left and right, even of the weaselly “we’re sorry you were offended” variety. That, combined with the generous donation, deserves credit. But several right-leaning partisans tossed the olive branch in a wood chipper.

Sure, she apologized to the cancer victim, but what about the others? Will she stop calling everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton a Nazi? How about her nightly deceptive video edits ridiculing figures public and private?

Granted, it’s up to Mr. Coddington alone whether to accept Bee’s apology and forgive her ugly behavior. I turn to you, Ricochetti: Should he?

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  1. Ric Fischer Inactive
    Ric Fischer

    @jon I find what this woman did despicable.

    I’m happy to say, even after I read your article, I still haven’t heard of her.

    • #61
  2. Tutti Inactive

    I think the apology should be accepted ONLY because to do otherwise would be to call more attention to Bee’s unfunny show (i.e. “all publicity is good publicity”). It would also give her the opportunity to paint herself as a remorseful person rather that one who is only reacting because she got caught.

    Actually, Samantha Bee’s received too much attention already… it’s best just to forget it.

    • #62
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