An Open Apology to Evan McMullin


Dear Mr. McMullin,

I’m writing to tell you how much I regret my part in making you someone who sucks up to Shaun King.

When I voted for you, I was desperate. I didn’t trust Trump to be any good, and I didn’t think Hillary could be any worse.

I was on the rebound from losing the primary. My original choice had a heart-breaking finish, but I would have chosen even Jeb Bush over you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that.

I turned to you as a protest vote. I heard you in an interview, and you seemed clear-eyed and down-to-earth about your chances. My vote was meant to tell the rest of the country, “Go ahead. You pick,” and they did.

I didn’t know you thought Republicans were racist. My fault. I read a lot of news, but much of it happens outside my radar. But here you are in October, telling Byron York that there’s nothing wrong with the GOP except racism. If I had known you thought I and other Republicans were racist, I would have gone back to my earlier write-in pick, Ted Cruz, although I briefly thought about voting for The Dread Pirate Roberts, but I wasn’t quite ready to deal with the first Fictional-American president (is that racism?).

I apologize, Mr. McMullin, that I helped give you the idea that you are Somebody.

You apparently got fewer than 500,000 votes in the election. More than I got, but it does not make you a player on the national stage.

I know. It hurts to put yourself out there like that: the headlines, the interviews, the hoopla, the begging for donations, and the money! I’m sorry you thought we really, really liked you. In that interview I heard, you seemed to understand that your “path to victory” was probably, at best, a 250-to-1 shot (which by my not-so-stellar-math is what it turned out to be). You spent a lot of money. You made yourself a name.

And now — Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! — Donald Trump won. And made some surprisingly good nomination picks. And continued being Trump. And sent the Left into paroxysms of the Derangement Syndrome du Jour. He will make good moves and bad moves, like all presidents. History’s train is trundling down the tracks, and we’ll see where we go. But in case you haven’t noticed, you’re not driving.

In the future, when I ask where conservatism is going, I won’t look to you. I’m just not that into you. I’m sorry I led you on. I thought you understood that you were an emergency vote. A protest vote. Not a lasting political relationship.

Don’t go away mad. Let me give you a trophy.

And of bit of advice: It’s not too late to go into politics, if that’s your passion. But start over, with a school board or something. And don’t hang out with fakes like Shaun King. It makes you look like a loser.

Your former voter,

Jan Bear

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  1. Tom Wilson Inactive
    Tom Wilson

    Simon Templar (View Comment):

    I hope I’ll be proven wrong, and things will work out.

    You will be. They will.

    Time will tell, but all ready we see many persons jettison long held conservative positions to go along and get along with Trump and his fans.


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  2. Manny Coolidge

    Arahant (View Comment):


    Let it go, Doc. We won. It’s water under the bridge. Give them all a year to realize that Trump won’t start WWIII, and hopefully a serious lesson will be learned by all of them. We don’t even need to say, “We told you so!”

    Agreed.  There were reasons to not support Trump, though not realizing that Hillary would be way worse was incredibly short sighted.  It’s water under the bridge.  Let’s move on.  I don’t intend to not criticize Trump.  When he’s wrong, I will say so, and when he acts boorish I intend to denigrate him.

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  3. In Search of Moderate Islam Eggin McMuffin The Loch Ness Monster The Blue Yeti And Great Chinese Takeout Inactive
    In Search of Moderate Islam Eggin McMuffin The Loch Ness Monster The Blue Yeti And Great Chinese Takeout

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  4. Arahant Member

    Baker (View Comment):
    Not to mention the Putin problem. Maybe that’s just me. Apparently everyone on the Right thinks he’s totally cool now.

    What makes you think you’re alone in this? There may be a few “on the right” who are unconcerned, but not many that I know of. I think 90% of us or more are keeping an attitude of watch that carefully. Of course, most of us are worried that Trump will be a little too normal as a politician, rather than too extreme.

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  5. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    Baker (View Comment):

    Tom Wilson (View Comment):
    I have zero regrets for having voted for Evan McMullin. I felt our chances of having a good candidate were lost after the Florida primary results came in.In my opinion we had no good choices after Florida. Like most, I was surprised Trump won.

    I do not overlook the positive aspects such as most of his cabinet appointments, an hopefully judicial appointments., but in the long run I retain deep reservations about Trump. His flawed character his highly likely to disappoint conservatives and diminish many of our fellows attachment of traditional values, in the manor Bill Clinton did. Hopefully he can be restrained by those who surround him.

    I hope I’ll be proven wrong, and things will work out.

    Not to mention the Putin problem. Maybe that’s just me. Apparently everyone on the Right thinks he’s totally cool now.

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  6. Baker Inactive

    Between Trump, Flynn and Rohrabacher, it seemed like the zeitgeist on the Right was tilting towards Putin

    Glad to see, as evidenced by responses to my comments, that, at least among Ricochetti (and John McCain and Lindsey Graham for that matter), that is not necessarily the case.

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  7. Dustoff Inactive

    Z in MT (View Comment):

    Dustoff (View Comment):

    Z in MT (View Comment):

    Arahant (View Comment):

    Z in MT (View Comment):
    I feel much better about myself for having voted Sweet Meteor of Death (SMOD) than I would have voting for McMullin.

    Your vote may still count. SMoD may still be on the way.

    SMOD 2020!

    Make SMOD Great Again! Oh, sorry Z. Probably doesn’t help much.

    I honestly considered voting for Trump, McMullin, or Johnson. The only candidate I didn’t consider voting for was Clinton. I wrote-in SMOD because I could not reason my way into voting for anyone else.

    My judgement of Trump has always been one of skepticism – he is not what most of his detractors or his supporters think he is. He is basically a narcissist with very good salesman instincts. He has no core ideology or policy preferences. Nothing in the transition period has changed my mind about that.

    We’ll see how it goes. However, I still think there is a good chance that Trump gets bored by year 2 of his presidency and declines to run in 2020.

    We shall see Z. I suspect at the very least we’ll survive.  Suspect being operable.

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  8. Hoyacon Member

    Johnny Dubya (View Comment):

    He did nothing of the kind. He said that he encountered racism on Capitol Hill. I suppose one can dispute that he did, and declare him a liar, but it’s difficult to prove that he didn’t. He’s talking about his personal experience. He also said that Trump’s candidacy brought to light evidence of racism in certain Republican quarters. That point is indisputable.

    I agree with you about not taking McMullin’s comments too personally, but he went beyond the limits you’ve imposed on his behalf.  We’ve been around enough on the money quotes in York’s piece so I’m not going to rehash them here.


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  9. Percival Thatcher

    Dustoff (View Comment):

    Percival (View Comment):
    Paying attention to the Richard Spencers of the world gives them power.

    Unless you are mocking them.

    When I was a youngster, I had a tie like that — then my dad got a job.

    Percival I tend to agree. When I was young I had a tie like that too. Then my mom bought me one that actually went under the collar and around the neck, just like the grown-ups.

    Richard, does your mother dress you? Do you dress in the dark? Does your mother dress you in the dark?

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  10. Percival Thatcher

    Don Rickles is my spirit animal.

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  11. Freesmith Member

    Don’t look at me.

    I was always NeverMcMullin.

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