It’s Ugly Out There


These Quebec wildfires are unbelievable. In the short time it took me to get to the Post Office this morning, the smoke brought on an asthma attack. Smart drivers are using their headlights; visibility is probably no more than 50 yards.

We’re under the little white circle.

If they catch the guy who lit Quebec, I have some appropriate punishments in mind.

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  1. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas Pratt

    Blondie (View Comment):

    Vance Richards (View Comment):

    It is like yellow outside now and it smells like someone is burning leaves. The stink is getting into the house, even with the windows shut.

    Dear Canadians, I want reparations.

    Someone is always burning in my neighborhood so I wouldn’t notice.

    We’re having a dry spring so we have had a burn ban for six weeks. 

    I’m paranoid about house fires, so when I started smelling something burning a couple of days ago, I was getting nervous. Then I read the news, and thought, “Oh. That’s what’s on fire: Canada.” 

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  2. EODmom Coolidge

    Chowderhead (View Comment):

    EODmom (View Comment):

    Chowderhead (View Comment):

    I was going to ask you specifically about the smoke given your location. I’m on the Maine coast and it isn’t too bad here but my wife in central Mass said it’s bad.

    We drove up from NC the last 2 days and could see the effects shown on the overlay as we drove. We are on the Seacoast of NH and today have ordinary grey cool weather sky. I guess the onshore breeze is keeping smoke inland. Driving through PA the smoke smell was as noticeable as the haze. It made me cranky – the drive through central PA is so pretty and there was no blue sky. It lasted through NY and CT until about Andover, MA on 495, then cleared up as we drove. It started last week when we were driving south – I sneezed all the way through PA and to beginning of VA. Not so hazy but something pungent in the air made me sneezy.
    NB: we always take the PA through Gettysburg route south. I’ll take the 30 min longer over whoknowswhat will go on through CT and the never ending construction, NY/NY and the $20 tolls to escape Delaware. It’s a pretty drive and so much calmer.

    I will be passing by you in about two hours. Yes, that route is the best. Here is a slight tweak on your PA route. Put Bushkill, PA in your GPS. That will take you down 84 then south through a 20 mile scenic road along the Delaware river. You will go straight towards Gettysburg so you may already be doing this. GPS’s like to send you elsewhere.

    Yes we do – it’s just lovely. 

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  3. The Scarecrow Thatcher
    The Scarecrow

    Some Call Me …Tim (View Comment):

    Ekosj (View Comment):

    5:15 yesterday afternoon in Central NJ. It was sepia-toned outside with a red sun.


    This morning sunrise over Manhattan from Jersey City




    I’m sure all the local Kryptonians aren’t thrilled about the red sun.

    This reminds me of a certain Monet painting. Maybe “Impression, sun haze”.

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  4. Chowderhead Coolidge

    I finally placed the weird smell. It’s a cross between goalie tears and burnt Tim Hortons coffee.


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