Rep. Byron Donalds Mops Floor with Anderson Cooper’s Flying Monkeys


Representative Byron Donalds of Florida’s 19th district just mowed down the whole CNN bench of lackeys. This is Newt Gingrich-level shill-stopping!

I love how CNN identifies him: Rep Byron Donalds (R) Trump Supporter. Hahaha!

This is exactly how Republicans should roll the press. There’s something in the water in Florida — I haven’t been this impressed with somebody just resetting a whole room of mouthy idiots since that one Florida sheriff’s deputy took charge of an entire out-of-control IHOP.

I’ll add links to where I lamented the lack of this ability since Newt absquatulated the contest (although Trump does his own thing sorta similar). Donalds also doesn’t fall into Newt’s occasional trap of being provoked into changing the subject to the media itself.

This guy is good!

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  1. BDB Coolidge

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    Yeah but to be fair, he was up against the intellectual junior varsity that is CNN.

    Those same midgets somehow tower over most of our Republican overlords.

    That’s because they don’t take the fight to them like Rep. Donalds.

    We may be saying the same thing.

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