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Latinos are becoming an increasingly important part of building a coalition. Shifts in allegiance in places like the Rio Grande Valley of Texas indicate that they aren’t a group that has become totally beholden to the Left.


As Russia continues its unprovoked war against Ukraine, the situation on the ground becomes more dire. Ukraine has managed to push Russian troops back from many of its cities, but the mass graves and buildings reduced to rubble are indications that the conflict is far from over.


CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News all have ratings in the toilet. Public trust in mainstream media outlets has plumbed new lows as Americans realize they’re being fed a steady diet of propaganda.

So what’s going to fill that hole in the information ecosystem?

Conservatism has existed as a philosophy since the founding of the Republic. As the country has evolved and grown, so too has the political ideology that has guided America through its toughest trials.

Conservatism again stands at a possible point of evolution. Much has been said about national conservatism, both for and against.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marked the passing of an era in British and world history.

Elizabeth II, who first became queen when Winston Churchill was prime minister in 1952, carried the British monarchy through the turbulent twentieth and early twenty-first centuries until her death on Sept. 8.

When Georgia and other states began passing new election laws, the political left called it voter suppression. But is voter suppression actually taking place in America? Do safeguards such as voter ID requirements discourage voting?


The radical left wields immense cultural power in America. When a conservative crosses them, intentionally or otherwise, they are met with a volley of vile leftist hatred. The left ruthlessly tracks down any information about the conservatives, job, friends, family and attempts to cancel them. The left views the loss of livelihood and relationships and the price of dissent.

That’s what happened to conservative journalist Amber Athey.

Already rocked by the war in Ukraine, the world uneasily looks towards Asia and the Chinese Communist Party. The authoritarian state has cast its gaze towards the small island of Taiwan, and dreams of conquest.


Woke corporations are increasingly embracing the left’s political agenda and taking aim at the values we as conservatives cherish.

So what can we do about it?

Conservatism has a long and storied history. It evolved with various times and places, and adapted to fit the needs of rising generations. But one thing has remained consistent in conservatism throughout the ages, says Yoram Hazony, president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation.

Conservatism and religion are inextricably linked, Hazony says. He defines conservatism as “a political standpoint that regards the national religious traditions as the key to maintaining and to strengthening a nation” and says that American conservatives need to reawaken to that reality.

As California continues to push for so-called green energy policies, its energy grid is suffering.

Residents of the Golden State have been forced to deal with rolling blackouts on top of skyrocketing energy prices. But how much of this energy crisis may be laid at the feet of California’s government, and how much is out of the state’s control?

The United Kingdom has a new prime minister.

Liz Truss, a member of the Conservative Party, officially became the U.K.’s newest head of government Tuesday.

There are estimated to be more than 360 million Christians facing persecution for their faith around the world today, according to Open Doors USA, an organization that advocates on behalf of the persecuted church.


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The transgender movement is “a social contagion,” says Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris.”



From the time he was a child, Colin O’Brady knew he wanted to climb Mount Everest. It was a childhood dream that easily could have fallen by the wayside as a result of the demands of adulthood.

Critical race theory has marched its way through many of America’s educational institutions. Angry elementary school parents noticed during the pandemic that their kids’ teachers were more inclined to teach them that white people were evil than to teach them to read.

Unfortunately, critical race theory—which views everything through the lenses of race and oppression— also has found fertile ground in America’s colleges and universities. More disturbingly, medical schools and military academies have fallen victim to it.

The tumultuous summer of 2020 prompted Americans to question our country’s criminal justice system. Fueled by death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, political leaders and the media used these examples and others to attack police, prosecutors, and the rule of law.

Today, we know they peddled a false narrative. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the consequences of their policies.

Today, Aug. 26, marks one year since an ISIS-K suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service members and about 200 Afghans outside the international airport in Kabul.

Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, one of the 13 service members who died, was only 20 at the time of the fatal attack. His widow, Jiennah Crayton, also known as Gigi, gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter, less than a month after the bombing.