Amy Lannom Wilhite is executive director at 2ndVote, which keeps track of major companies’ positions on social issues such as the transgender agenda.


Last August, as Americans watched the fallout from a police shooting in Kenosha, Wis., pastor James E. Ward Jr. found himself in a position to help. The victim, Jacob Blake, had been shot seven times in the back. Violence erupted in Kenosha. Ward, pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church in the north Chicago suburb of Skokie, Ill., turned to prayer.


When law enforcement cleared protesters from Lafayette Square last year, left-leaning media outlets immediately ran with the narrative that President Donald Trump had ordered the move so he could get a photo-op in front of nearby St. John’s Church.

But a new inspector general’s report reveals the truth: Trump had nothing to do with the police action.

Public education in New York City is far from what it once was, Ian Rowe, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says.

“I had a great public school education in New York City kindergarten through 12th grade,” Rowe says.

Kevin McGary is the president of Every Black Life Matters, with emphasis on the “Every.”

McGary joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the contrasts between the Black Lives Matters organization and his own group, how fatherlessness has adversely affected the black community, critical race theory, the racist origins of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, and more.

Brenda Tillett is the founder and president of Stand Up Virginia.

She joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about the new organization and how it’s working to hold rogue prosecutors accountable

Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Mellon flourished because of America’s free-enterprise system. Yet, the foundations that bear their names are today pursuing a much different agenda, warns Rick Graber, president and CEO of the Bradley Foundation and chairman of the Philanthropy Roundtable.

“These foundations exist with their massive endowments because of these gentlemen that believed in free markets, took risks, and created just some incredible, incredible companies,” Graber says. “It’s hard to make the case that any of these foundations—Ford, Rockefeller, Mellon—are honoring donor intent. The founders would not be pleased.”

Arguably no philosopher had a greater influence on America’s founding than John Locke, says Joseph Loconte, director of the Center for American Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Locke’s ideas about property and freedom helped to shape America as the Founders drew on his ideas when they wrote the nation’s founding documents.

Mark Meckler stepped in as Parler’s interim CEO after Amazon, Google, and Apple essentially canceled the social media platform.

Meckler says he didn’t intend to become CEO of Parler when he called the company in January to ask if he could help, but recognized the gravity of the situation and wanted to do all he could to defend free speech.

Sen. Ted Cruz joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his recent trip to Israel to observe the fighting that’s been occurring in the region between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group. We discuss how Hamas has a headquarters in the basement of a hospital, effectively using innocent people as human shields.


Chuck DeVore moved his family from California to Texas a decade ago. The move was prompted by several factors, including “seeing [California] drifting further and further to the left,” he said.

Today, many people are making the same decision DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, made and are leaving California for the Lone Star State. That raises the question: Will Texas be pulled to the left by all the people moving there? Initial data suggests that it won’t be.

Rep. Michael McCaul says the United States needs to hold China accountable for COVID-19. The Texas Republican joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss how we might do that.

“I think it’s becoming more and more clear as the evidence unfolds, when we talk about the origins of COVID-19, that it’s more likely it came out of this laboratory,” McCaul said of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.

Rep. Chip Roy recently introduced a bill to withhold federal funds from any schools that teach critical race theory.


Louisiana high school teacher Jonathan Koeppel spoke out recently against the gender-identity ideology being promoted at his school. A video of his remarks at a school board meeting quickly went viral.

During the meeting in April, Koeppel played an audio clip for the school board from an education app the school uses, called “BrainPop,” in which students were advised to refer to individuals as “they” if the student didn’t know that individual’s “preferred” pronouns. 

The left-leaning media sometimes uses the news to promote an agenda, independent journalist Drew Holden says.

Holden has become known for his Twitter threads, in which he shows how news coverage changes depending on whether the subject is a liberal or a conservative.

On Memorial Day, America honors the more than 1 million men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. 

Robert Wilkie, secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration, says Americans owe a great debt because without those who laid down their lives, “we wouldn’t have very much to stand on.”

Corporate wokeness increasingly is becoming part of American society.


The conservative movement needs to be aware that a “propaganda war” is being waged on America.

“Policy obviously matters,” John Tillman, chairman and CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, said. “That’s what all of us are trying to advance, …the foundational principles of the founding of this country, and what advances human freedom, and human flourishing, that’s our product, but we’re doing this in a wartime environment.”

Tuvia Tenenbom, a bestselling author, playwright, journalist, and founder of the Jewish Theater of New York, has traveled the world to understand increasing antisemitism. He documents his experiences in his latest book “The Taming of the Jew.”


Humberto Lopez came to this country legally as an immigrant with his family. He joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss why his family came to America, his initial thoughts about it, and more.

“The American dream is still attainable as long as we have capitalism,” Lopez says, adding: