About Us

If you inhabit any space on the political spectrum from the center on rightward, you’ve probably grown tired of the stereotypes you so frequently encounter: Conservatives aren’t intelligent. Conservatives have no sense of humor. Conservatives are culturally backwards. Conservatives don’t care about the poor, about science, or about minorities.

We all know these stereotypes are demonstrably false. But how do we convince people of that? You can either try in vain to tell them or you can show them. At Ricochet, we do the latter.

We tackle all the issues that matter — not just politics (although that’s one of our great loves), but also economics, world affairs, social issues, religion, entertainment and the arts, race, history, the military, science and technology, gender, literature, philosophy, family life, sports, cooking. You name it, we’re talking about it. And we’re always doing so with wit, intelligence, and goodwill.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the best center-right conversation on the planet. We’ve assembled a group of some of the most talented people on the center-right — folks like our founders, Peter Robinson and Rob Long, as well as contributors like Pat Sajak, James Lileks, Richard Epstein, Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager, Jim Pethokoukis, John Yoo, Amity Shlaes, Tevi Troy, Nathan Harden, Rick Wilson, and dozens of others — to engage with you in written posts and podcasts. But they’re only half the equation. You’re the other half. So sign up today and join the conversation.

To make it all happen, Ricochet has a few key features

  • The Main Feed. This is the backbone of Ricochet—a non-stop, ongoing feed of posts and comments. It’s free for all to read, share, and link.
  • The Member Feed.Visible only to Members, the Member Feed features conversations initiated by our Members. Editors regularly promote buzzworthy Member posts to the Main Feed.
  • The Podcasts Tab. Every week, Ricochet offers an all-star lineup of fun and bracing podcasts on a wide breadth of topics ranging from politics to law to money. Listen to these on the website or download them and hear them on iTunes or your favorite mobile app.