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  1. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    A constitutional monarch is, in many ways, better than a republic. The monarch is the head of state and above politics, yet she is required to adhere to the governments wishes. For example, when she opens Parliament every year, her speech is written by the government. The prime minister goes about the daily dirty business of politics freeing her to show the world the living history of the best of Britain. Tomorrow morning Prince Charles will be crowned in Westminster Abbey where his ancestors have been crowned since 1066. Do not underestimate royalty’s importance of the huge numbers of tourists who arrive at Heathrow or Gatwick anxious to visit all the royal palaces  and ancient churches. I read that the coronation is expected to cost $125,000,000, but the press doesn’t tell us how much money will be spent by tourists this weekend; I’m willing to bet it will probably be twice that.

    Also the monarch is essentially the best PR firm in the world as he/she travels the planet drawing attention to British products available. Back in Britain, as the head of state, there is no more prestigious invitation in the world than a dinner reception with the monarch at Windsor or Buckingham Palace. 

     The advantage is this one person whose family was born to the job, is unconcerned about being elected, and basically represents the entire country generation after generation giving the British and the commonwealth nations associated with it a stability and pride in its history we can only dream about . 

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