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Quote of the Day: Problems


“Isn’t it wonderful; if you have a few problems, you have trouble, but if you have a whole lot of problems, they start solving each other.” – H. Beam Piper, Ministry of Disturbance

Problems? We all have problems today. Enough problems that this aphorism (which Piper used some variant of in several stories) begins to apply. If you have enough problems you can put them together to start solving themselves. It is a principle I have cheerfully, indeed ruthlessly, applied since my early teens when I first came across it in one of Piper’s sci-fi novels.

Quote of the Day – The Solution to Every Problem


It doesn’t matter what the problem is, the solution is always for us to give the government more money and power, while we eat less meat. – Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

The blogfather is obviously talking about the solution always offered by socialists, statists, and authoritarians of every stripe, rather than his own beliefs.

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People are always complaining about their problems.  But have you listened to them?  Definitely First World Problems. And that really seems to be what’s wrong with this country these days.  All the good problems have already been solved, and there’s nothing left to be really worried about. Preview Open

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