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Deep State Normal: FDA edition


distillery hand sanitizerThe FDA appeared to be forced off of its normal politics position. This banal evil institution sought to act on behalf of big corporations and the global elite uniparty in Washington DC by crippling small businesses, driving them out of competition with the big corporations. The pretense was a fee to be assessed for “over-the-counter (OTC) monograph drug” alcohol production. The alcohol was not turned into profitable booze by small distilleries. It was turned into supposedly life-saving hand sanitizer, which has almost no profit margin, if any. The fee was published and then suspended, for 2020, a day or two later. This was no mistake. Rather, it was the administrative state reasserting itself and then temporarily feigning magnanimity.

The salaried bureaucratic denizens on the surface of the Swamp, highly paid by American taxpayers at the point of federal government guns, at best did not consider the enormous human cost. After all, these forgotten Americans, from entry-level worker hauling sacks of grain, to entrepreneur owners operating with the thinnest net of credit and personal assets, are the deplorable creatures who must be broken to make a new omelet in the Great (Socialist) Reset. Crushing small businesses and their employees is entirely beneficial to normal Capital Hill politics and the RepubliCan’t Party’s paymasters.

This is why the globalist left’s Democratic Party fought for and got what it wanted in the latest federal appropriations monstrosities, while the con men and women of the RepubliCan’t party ensured that repeal of Section 230 was kept out of the must-pass bills. The rogues’ gallery, from the “Freedom Caucus” to Ted Cruz, all are on board with allowing Mitch and the California loser party leader to remain in their “leadership” positions while the enemies of our constitutional republic, Alphabet (Google/YouTube), Facebook, and Twitter, are kept in power to ensure the wrong kind of Republican is never again able to win the presidency or the Senate majority.

Put the Pedal to the Metal! Medical Theater Matters. [update: over 10,000]


I went a bit darker than usual yesterday. Thanks to some constructive feedback, I rallied back to my experience as a divisional Army officer in the late 1980s. That particular army was, for a relatively brief period, intensively focused on learning from training hard enough to fail, without blame fixing or avoidance. So, take it as given that plans will not survive contact with the enemy, human or otherwise, and get on with adapting faster than the enemy. With that perspective, things look a little brighter at this moment.

President Trump needs to get further ahead in the new coronavirus OODA loop. He finally has all of the federal agencies moving together in the same direction now, with changes that are breathtakingly fast for bureaucracies with decades of accreted layers of regulations and procedures. Each day it seems he is leveraging the media-driven panic to force federal bureaucracies into even further real innovation. He is desperately trying to limit the economic catastrophe dictated by his medical experts. The key state governors, all hard left, are actually acting in their states’ interests, with President Trump in full support. And.

President Trump has the capability to visually disrupt the narrative of doomed seniors drowning in their own lung fluids for lack of advanced medical support. It is this image, reinforced from an apparently failing city in Italy, that has driven us off the economic cliff. That could all change tomorrow. Consider the information that Secretary Azar revealed on Monday, and its link to the whole discussion about the need to “flatten the curve.”

Richard Epstein describes a potentially groundbreaking healthcare case out of Idaho, where insurers are looking to give consumers more options than are currently allowed under the Affordable Care Act.