Report Issues/ 2.0 Feedback

chat As suggested by She and John Walker, let’s use this thread to report your bugs, ideas, and feedback on 2.0. We’re reading it and our grateful for your suggestions and your patience. 

3/23/ Update: We are aware that several new problems have cropped over the weekend, and existing problems with the podcast feeds, formatting, search, messaging, and alerts have not been addressed or have broken again. We also are aware that many of you have not seen your old posts appear on the new site yet. We are looking into all of this and will have a status update on these issues posted by Monday PM PT. 

We will get all of this fixed. That’s a promise.  

  1. KayBee

    Check out the recommended sites.  Isn’t it ROSS Douthat?

  2. Jimmy Carter

    Ah, damn. I forgot My keys back at 1.0. Can We go back and get ‘em? It’ll only take a sec.

  3. MikeHs

    A bit buggy in a 504 Gateway Time-out kind of way.

  4. Wes Trochlil

    Good start. Also got the 504 logging in from my phone.

  5. Mack The Mike

    I’m getting a 504 timeout when I try to log in.

  6. Bryan G. Stephens

    A bit buggy in a 504 Gateway Time-out kind of way.

     Yeah. Lots of links seem to do that. Should I just click again?

  7. ctlaw

    I keep getting gateway timeouts any time I try to go to the member feed or do pretty much anything else.

  8. Severely Ltd.

    504 Gateway Time-out is now getting intimate with me. Any word on when it will be apprehended?

  9. Pseudodionysius

    The Piano of Doom has just entered the room.

  10. Pseudodionysius

    Can I nest myself?

  11. Blue State Blues

    Where are alerts?

  12. Blue Yeti

    We are aware of the time out and the 504 errors and are working on it right now. Hang in there, folks!

  13. Mimi

    I am getting lots and lots of Gateway Time-outs.  I like R 2.0, though, other than the time outs.  I like the colours used in the design, as well as the crispness of it.

  14. Eeyore

    Your private actions are your own business, Sir.

  15. Don Tillman

    Oh, it appears that you can refresh the page to work around the Gateway Timeouts.

  16. Pseudodionysius

    Put Out More Flags

  17. True Blue

    The main page seems kind of busy and cluttered to me.  Very slow.  Is it helpful to say that I preferred the old style?  Probably not.

  18. HeartofAmerica

    I posted a conversation and only see it in my feed but not in the member feed. Is this normal or am I seeing things?

  19. Jimmy Carter

    I checked My “Account” under “Billing” and it stated:

    Nothing to update. You’re NOT a paid Member.

  20. Joseph Stanko

    Try hitting refresh (or F5).