Steve Hayward talks with two proud Yale bulldog alumni—James Kirchick of the Brookings Institution and Jeremy Carl of the Hoover Institution, about the mess in higher education and the mess at our border. It’s a coin flip between which is the bigger mess today—immigration or college campus madness, and maybe there is a connecting thread. But stick around, we have a side dish of energy policy included, because this is a high energy podcast!

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  1. dborucke Lincoln

    I heard, or read, the young female student who gave that diatribe not only was not censured/cautioned, but received an award from the University for her activism.  Can you all confirm?

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  2. Steven Hayward Member
    Steven Hayward

    YES! It is true that the university gave an award to one (I think two maybe) students from that absurd spectacle. For “racial healing.” I don’t know if it was the student whose screed directed at Nick Christakis I excerpted in the show—there’s almost a half hour of it taped and up on YouTube if you are a glutton for punishment or have brain cells to spare, with several other students going off in just as appalling ways—and the cravenness of the Yale administration beggars belief. The president committed $50 million toward some new racial justice initiative—appeasement of the mob really. One more reason to support James Kirchick in his drive to get on the Yale Corporation board.

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  3. LibertyDefender Member

    When Steven Hayward mentioned both Yalies and new bumper music, I was hoping for that Cole Porter classic, the Yale fight song.

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  4. RufusRJones Member

    The Power Line Show has been on fire lately. Excellent.  


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  5. WalterSobchakEsq Thatcher

    Dear Steve:

    I love the new bumper music. Especially the intro.

    Can you tell us the title of the tune and the name of the artist(s)? I have been looking for it in the show notes and have not been able to find it.



    P.S. I will leave this same comment in the latest show, as you might be more likely to read that.


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