President Joe Biden’s sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates are facing a slew of lawsuits from states and private employers. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is leading the charge against three of those mandates, already securing one favorable decision while awaiting action on the other two.

Landry joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss Biden’s mandates and the legal challenges he’s pursuing to halt their implementation.

“The president is actually contradicting the whole reason that we’re having these mandates,” Landry says. “To me, that becomes prima facie evidence of exactly why or what this administration’s up to. It’s not about health care. It’s not about fighting the Chinese virus. It’s about controlling you.”

In addition to vaccine mandates, Landry also discusses:

  • U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent memo targeting parents who speak at school board meetings;
  • Louisiana’s efforts to support law enforcement and counter the “defund the police” movement;
  • JP Morgan Chase’s discrimination against gun manufacturers and Second Amendment supporters;
  • Biden’s failure to halt an oil-and-gas lease sale in Louisiana, which could deliver $100 million to the state.

Listen to the full interview below or read a lightly edited transcript at


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