Hillsdale College Radio General Manager and Radio Free Hillsdale Hour Host Scot Bertram is in for Jim. Today, Scot and Greg muse over the lastest twists and turns in the House Speaker race as Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson seems to be in position to get elected by his fellow Republicans today. Then it’s on to the martinis! First, they welcome a strong majority of New York voters agreeing with NYC Mayor Eric Adams that the illegal migrant crisis is going to destroy the city. And they overwhelmingly disapprove of how the Biden administration is handling the issue. They also recoil at the news Iranian proxies have launched drone attacks at U.S. positions in Syria and Iraq, injuring two dozen U.S. personnel. And they’re also mad that the government kept this information from the public for a week. Finally, they scold the Associated Press and taxpayer-funded Voice of America for telling their reporters not to refer to Hamas as terrorists.

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