Jim and Greg welcome hall of fame broadcaster Bob Costas as their first-ever guest on the podcast. Costas joins us to clarify his positions on issues we have scrutinized in the past and explain why he believes he has been unfairly painted as a progressive over his comments on guns and his call years ago for the Washington Redskins to drop their mascot – which they did in 2020.

They also discuss comments Costas made in calling out the International Olympic Committee for cozying up to China for the upcoming Winter Olympics and the problem of groupthink in the sports world, where only one position is often considered acceptable.

Today, we give Costas the opportunity to tell us exactly where he stands in all of these areas. Be sure to join Jim and Greg on Friday as they react to what was said.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    That Costas even uses the term “Trump cultists” would show that he’s not just “center left.”

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Wow. I thought that was an impersonator at first. Very interesting talk.

    Yes I think that using the term “Trump Cultists” would show he is a center/leftist or liberal lefty. Its not disqualifying for him to use that term.

    One thing – in 1936 Hitler wasn’t yet Hitler. He was probably perceived as a bad guy in most of the world but he wasn’t yet out of line – Krystallnacht wouldn’t happen until Nov 9 1938. As His Highness Bob pointed out, in 1936 the US was as racist as Nazi Germany was. This really was the era of systemic racism in the US. I think that looking back now, and thinking that we should have boycotted the 1936 games is revisionist history. However in present day China, which is running concentration camps (they’re not yoga retreats), unsing slave labor to assemble exports, and violently silencing of dissent. I think we should boycott the China Olympics.

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