Jim Geraghty of National Review and Chad Benson of Radio America reflect on the progress we have made since the Manson era. How will Democrats respond now that a second accuser has come out against Al Franken? Hillary Clinton has not made progress in her decades-old complaint about the “partisan advocacy” bias of Fox News.

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  1. Arahant Member

    To Mr. Benson, yes, grabbing a woman’s derriere without permission is a sexual assault, or, in the state I grew up in, sexual battery. It is not rape, but it is illegal. Also, if you have a friend brush his or her hand against your backside and then reach back and grab the same, I suspect you will find that you can tell the difference between the two activities. Now, if you’re calling the woman a liar, fine. Be brave enough to do so. But to say that she wouldn’t know the difference between an accidental brush and a grab cannot be taken seriously. To say that a grab or even a touch is not a serious thing is also not credible. It is against the law in every state I know of. Admittedly, I have not looked into the issue in all fifty states, and your home state might be a place where such things are permitted. I doubt it, though. Also, this was in Minnesota, where touching the clothed buttocks of another individual without permission, is definitely illegal.

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