Today, Greg and Jim dissect the positive trend of Republican voters registering in encouraging numbers in several key battleground states, the concerning impingement of Russia on the Estonian border, and a reality at the border that’s so alarming that even illegal immigrants are concerned about it. Plus, some fun with outgoing New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s unvarnished opinions of other governors.

First, they analyze the data showing that Republicans are registering voters in higher numbers in battleground states. They consider what the causes of this trend might be, pointing out how anti-establishment young voters might be rebelling against the left, which they see as the establishment.

Next, they raise their eyebrows at the news that Russia has moved buoys along the Narva River that distinguish its territory from Estonia. They wonder why the US has so far refrained from commenting on the situation, though Estonia and NATO seem to be on high alert at this encroachment.

Then they highlight the testimony of an illegal immigrant from Turkey, who expresses shock at the lack of security at the U.S. Border.

Finally, they wrap up the episode with a good laugh courtesy of Gov. Sununu, who does not mince words about the two governors that no one likes.

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  1. Wildmuk Coolidge

    Jim is pining for the Biden Administration to say something like, “Don’t do that.”  From their past successes, I believe that is two words too many.  Where is the, “Don’t”?

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