Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America break down how the Democrats easily swept the statewide races in Virginia and even reversed a huge GOP majority in the state assembly.  They also discuss easy wins by Democrats in New Jersey and New York City, where the Republicans hardly appear to be a factor anymore.  And they roll their eyes as Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake proposes a law to ban gun sales to people convicted of domestic violence – because that exact law already exists.

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  1. Hibernian Faithful Inactive
    Hibernian Faithful

    Is Flake ancient Dutch for redundant?

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  2. soccerlad14 Inactive

    VA is a deep blue state.  Unsure why the surprise, esp. coupled with the fact that this is the year after a presidential election. Everyone step off the ledge. Voter turnout will be different in 2018. Sheesh. There’s one hiccough after 5 years of uninterrupted success and Ricochetti are despondent. We’re riding Trumpism [i.e. common sense, center right politics] until AT LEAST 2020.

    Also, last GOPer elected mayor of NYC…Democrat Michael Bloomberg!! Things aren’t bad enough in Gotham for them to call Batman [the GOP] and then publicly bemoan his tactics while enjoying the fruits. But give them time, they’ll get there.

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