Ian Tuttle of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America enjoy waching Democrats snipe at each other, as liberals blame the national party for not doing more to win the special election in Kansas.  They’re also a bit dizzy from President Trump appearing to shift positions on Chinese currency manipulation, the Export-Import Bank, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, the relevance of NATO and more – all on the same day.  And they slam students at the University of Notre Dame for complaining it won’t be safe there when Vice President Mike Pence gives the commencement address next month

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  1. Mark Wilson Inactive
    Mark Wilson

    Are the radio ads, the ones that occur before and after the podcast and are not read by the hosts, included in this feed intentionally?

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  2. John Russell Coolidge
    John Russell

    When I played this episode the audio started with an AM radio style commercial for Texas Mutual Insurance Company (Worker’s Comp). After the regular show ended I heard AM radio style commercials for Geico and Tom Thumb. The show hosts did not mention any of these three sponsors: the only sponsor they mentioned was Zip Recruiter.  My questions are: (1), who is collecting the revenue for these additional commercials at the beginning and the end; and (2), are the show hosts aware of this revenue harvesting?

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