You know things are getting weird when the main topic in a presidential race is who’s wearing masks and when. This week’s guests – Robert Costa of The Washington Post and National Review’s Jim Geraghty – help us understand the logic underneath the craziness. We even unmask the reasoning behind a recent Democratic ad designed to help a Republican on Ad of the Week!

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  1. Arahant Member

    This was an excellent podcast. The wrestling analogy really is perfect for Trump.

    Years ago, I was on a team on a government contract. The agency we were supporting had a process modeling team, and according to government regs, any changes had to be modeled and put into the process repository. Everybody in the agency had access to the repository, but very few of the people knew it, and those that did know about it, thought it was too hard to work with and figure out. The “official” processes in the repository had no effect on the workers’ jobs. There was no workflow system to implement the processes, control the flow, or measure the processes. All of the work the modeling team were doing was going into the repository to die. Another factor was that the process models were in a process modeling format that only the process modelers understood. The other employees would just shrug, “I don’t know what this means.” Then they would do their jobs any way they pleased. Basically, this rendered the whole modeling team useless. But, it was government, so there were five or six people being paid lovely salaries to be useless, because that’s what the regs said they should do.

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