Panda-monium and Other Evils

We’ve made it to number 666! Unfortunately among the three of them, James, Steve Hayward and Charles Cooke haven’t a single sinister plot to reveal. They do however have lots to say about Wednesday’s debate; progressive love for Hamas and what it means for the intersectionality coalition; and they wonder why there aren’t DACA protections for beloved pandas!

If you haven’t already, Steve highly recommends you read David Foster’s “The Hollow Men,” available right here on Ricochet.


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  • Sound clip from the open: Nikki Haley at the 3rd GOP debate

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  1. RufusRJones Member

    The third-string Vikings quarterback was on the team for five days. He barely knew the five different cadences the team uses. The coach ran a hurry up offense so he could give him tips right up to the last second. I totally respect that guy. Aerospace engineering major. lol

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  2. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    Bari Weiss observed people take posters down and taking  them with them which suggests they were being paid by someone piecework by the number they can prove they removed. 

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