We’re not doing a Ricochet Podcast today; instead, we’ll be posting short interviews live from CPAC. In this first installment, Jay Nordlinger interviews Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. He discusses Obama’s constitutional violations, relations with Iran, and yes, his presidential aspirations.

Ted Cruz and Jay Nordlinger

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There are 10 comments.

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  1. user_1126573 Member

    I just can’t get over a perception of insincerity from Cruz. The unrelenting unctuous tone he uses and his desire to make every sentence a piece of profound rhetorical oratory are just too much.

    I believe I would feel this way even if he hadn’t pulled the shut down stunt or the Mid-East Christians conference stunt or his other efforts to manipulate the workings of the House of Representative from his junior seat in the Senate. I believe I could get past all of that if I found him to be a charismatic politician that connects with regular people who could win. Instead he just seems oily and over the top. Reckless, overly ambitious, and insincere are strikes one, two and three for me.

    If I had one piece of advice for Cruz it would be to come down from the grand pronouncements and flowery verbal constructions and talk in a more down to earth, direct way that Joe, low information, six pack will be able to relate to. He thinks we need to have a populist, bare knuckle approach to win. Guess what, your style and persona don’t fill that role well at all.

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  2. user_519396 Member

    Even as a one-time fan of Ted Cruz, I have to agree with John Wilson (no relation–I think). I was put off by Cruz’s delivery. He seemed like an unctuous politician trying way too hard to tell a friendly interviewer what he wanted to hear.

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  3. Ricochet Contributor

    I cannot believe Mr. Foreign policy for the GOP is Ted ‘as you might surmise’ Cruz!

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  4. Ricochet Contributor

    Sounds like a politician. People who like him might go along with him or even get excited; everyone else–don’t they just hear a politician? I want to like this guy, but I’m finding it harder now-

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  5. Ricochet Contributor

    Sen. Cruz really knows how to depress anyone who learns that Washington’s name has become the preferred way of damning American politics.

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  6. Roberto Member

    Not his best interview, the criticism here has a point. He started off poorly but it seems to me he found his natural rhythm more towards the end, less talking points and more straight talk.

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  7. Skarv Inactive

    I read the comments above before I listened and expected that I would disagree. Having listened, I agree with the criticism above. I still like Cruz a lot but I do not think he should be President. At least not yet.

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  8. The Other Diane Coolidge
    The Other Diane

    Very late to the party but felt the need to comment anyhow.  Crazy busy year with an ill parent so haven’t really tuned in to Ted Cruz or seen him on TV.  Guess that makes me a low information voter though I do listen to Fox News channel on satellite radio so I’m not completely out of the loop.

    Recorded the CPAC podcasts and eagerly listened to them on a solo road trip last week and enjoyed every one of them… except the one with Ted Cruz.  Couldn’t believe how unlikeable and fake he sounded on issues like abortion.  Blech!  Was very frustrated at the overly dramatic changes in volume as he spoke because I was driving in the rain and had to keep turning the volume up and down to hear what he said.

    Now that he has declared for president I see (on Facebook) that people I respect really like him so I’ll keep an open mind, but somebody had better tell the guy to cut out the Ernest Angley preacher schtick or he won’t get far in the primaries.

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  9. Barfly Member

    Full disclosure: I enjoyed the shutdown and was disappointed that it received such little Congressional support.

    That said, I read the comments above and wonder if someone switched the podcast between them and the time I listened. All I heard was the same arguments I and others have been making since the failed second campaign of George H.W. Bush. What is y’all’s specific issue with what Senator Cruz actually said?

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  10. The Other Diane Coolidge
    The Other Diane

    Couldn’t get past the delivery, Barfly, I found it so irritating. Insincerity drives me batty…but then again I felt the same about Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s slick politician vibes so I guess my gut feelings don’t always reflect those of the majority of voters. Maybe Cruz will sail on to victory too. Hubby and I had noted Cruz’s toned down manner of speaking during the debates but last night’s acceptance speech in Iowa was slick, heavy on those Ernest Angely vibes again, and went on and on and on. Guess I shouldn’t be taken too seriously though, as I made audible barfing sounds when he thanked his mother last night. Tacky of me, I know, but my reaction to his revived preacher-style delivery is SO strongly negative I don’t stay mentally tuned in long enough to hear his stance on key issues. Smart guy though so maybe he’ll get feedback from advisors, cut out the southern preacher talk again and appeal more to shallow voters (like me, apparently!).

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