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  1. Ricochet Contributor

    Mr. Nordlinger finally asks the question’s been buggin’ me–about the Mo’ Fiorina-industrial complex. I had some secret hope that Mrs. Fiorina is in some way the champion of pol.sci.

    Also, I don’t see why Mrs. Fiorina is trying to run for the presidency–is there no other office in the land? Is there no conservative inclination to balance ambition with service? Even Lincoln was a Congressman, it’s not so shabby!

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  2. user_473455 Inactive

    I have come away very impressed with what I have heard from Mrs. Fiorina over the past couple of days.

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  3. ParisParamus Inactive

    She is very impressive, and would be difficult to demonize from several angles–provided she did what Romney seemed not to have done: showed pride in having become rich from hard work and smarts. She seems able to think quick and attack. Realistically, as a VP candidate she would be quite viable with anyone but Mitt Romney–with him, too much of a good thing…

    Ps: Did she have binders full of women? And men?

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  4. Ricochet Contributor

    ParisParamus, I’d say, to your last, that Mrs. Fiorina contains multitudes.

    As to your comparison with Mr. Romney, I’d say she is incomparably more conservative in a banal, deadly necessary sense: She understands that job creators are not what you talk about, but job holders.

    But I would like to hear more about her, if anyone knows. Mr. Glaser, could you say more about your impressions?

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