A conversation with Larry Kudlow and Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE). In this wide ranging conversation, Senator Sasse describes how Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.54.53 PMSecretary of State John Kerry’s effort to whip votes in the Senate against legislation mandating congressional oversight of an Iran nuclear deal inadvertently blew up in the administration’s face.


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  1. user_370242 Member

    How can you claw back the billions that Obama can release by prior legislation? If the Corker Bill is an abandonment of the treaty provision of the Constitution why vote for it? The bill has been attacked as a fig leaf to create the impression that Congress will have a veto over any deal with Iran. Andrew McCarthy and others have powerfully  made the case and I won’t repeat the details. Under Corker the Senate will not be able to overcome a presidential veto should they  disapprove of the deal. So the sanctions will be lifted and no money can be clawed back. The amendments proposed had no chance of passing.  Why not try to repeal the law that gave the president power to lift the sanctions rather than voting for a thin gruel bill that can’t stop Obama? Either way you lose, but at  least you insist the deal is a treaty requiring 2/3 Senate approval.

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  2. ParisParamus Member

    Mr. Kudlow, and others say he doesn’t need insurance coverage for mammograms, etc.?  Please explain how “having” such “coverage” costs anything, beyond the ink or toner used to print the forms that list insurance policy benefit documents?  Premiums are affected by benefits you can use, not those you can’t use.

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  3. Ricochet Contributor

    If you want to see these interviews, at least some are available:

    I think Sen. Sasse is right about the next presidential elections being the only real chance to get rid of the trouble with Obamacare. Also as to what could go wrong after King v. Burwell, if it’s decided reasonably. But the solution to Boehner-care or McConnell-care is to have the GOP candidates running on a healthcare reform platform.

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