This week the gang revisits the taxonomy of which Star Wars characters map properly onto the domain of the New Rebel Alliance, aka, the “national conservatives” we discussed in some detail last week, chiefly because John and Steve knew it would annoy Lucretia, who declined to accept the open position as the Princess Leia of the NatCons.

But this was all just preface for her on-the-scene report of seeing Blake Masters in action on the campaign trail in Arizona this week. Her view is “we don’t need no stinkin’ labels,” or Star Wars characters either! No wonder a faithful listener—one of our charter “fourteen & a half”—memed the show this week (see nearby).

From here we spend a considerable time discussing the latest front in “lawfare,” that is, politics by other means, looking at the latest legal action brought against Trump, but also how some liberal legal dogmas are turning around against the left, especially in civil rights. Will civil rights law turn out to be the Achilles’ Heel of campus diversity regimes? (Can we even say “Achilles’ Heel” on campus any more, or is that a macroaggression? One can hardly imagine Achilles committing a microaggression. . .) And did President Biden’s declaration that “the pandemic is over” put a number of his policies in legal peril? The precedent here are the court rulings that held Trump’s statements against him in several high profile cases such as the supposed “Muslim ban” and the proposed citizenship question for the 2020 Census.

Stay with us for an update on the continuing weirdness in the polls, with Steve offering some new theories on why they are likely less reliable than ever this cycle. And as always, we end with our “Kamala-ism” of the week, though Steve promises to roll out soon his new parlor game comparing Harris to Al Gore in an all new “Vapid Veepstakes Competition.”

I dunno—I kinda think this could work:


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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    Don’t mess with Lucretia.

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  2. Steven Hayward Member
    Steven Hayward

    Richard Easton (View Comment):

    Don’t mess with Lucretia.

    Important safety tip.

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  3. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    For John, Trump didn’t just describe a photo, he showed it. It was of a failed Iranian space launch. The weird thing was it looked like a camera phone picture of a displayed slide, so how did the phone get in a SCIF? I’d find an article on it but I’m not sure if it’s still classified and don’t need to have it on my phone. NGA said they were going to make a determination and I never saw it come out. 

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  4. RufusRJones Member

    I’m open to changing my mind about this, but I really dislike zoos and confinement livestock production.

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  5. RufusRJones Member

    I would like to hear New York attorney general Latitia James explain the value of central planning through the tax code.

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  6. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    LBJ revealed the existence of the SR-71 to rebut Goldwater’s defense claims in 1964. But the plane had been known (secretly) as the RS-71. So the blueprints were revised to match LBJ’s name for it. It was OK for LBJ to reveal secrets in a presidential campaign, but it’s terrible for Trump to declassify documents which reveal the Deep State’s lying about the Russia hoax. 

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  7. texased Coolidge

    Hey Poweline – I listened to the end! John Yoo is a great addition.

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