What episode offers you “spice that ramps up the palate, carried forward by the full body, hearty proof, and mouth-coating texture”? This edition of the Three Whisky Happy Hour, if the latest reviews of our choices in the Whisky Advocate are any indication. Alas, we remain unable to resolve our “peat-versus-sweet” single malt debate. In any case, we know the magazine is just a shill for Big Whisky, and we have some suggestions for a better periodical title.

Speaking of periodicals, Lucretia and I take aim at a lugubrious article in The New Republic (a former magazine) that reveals what’s really behind the left’s need to attack the 1776 Commission report, and by implication bolster the 1619 Project’s wrecking crew. As listeners know, the 1619 Project caught a lot of flack from major “mainstream” liberal historians like Sean Wilentz and Gordon Wood, so what does the left need to do? Destroy liberal historians. That’s what William Hogeland attempts in “Against the Consensus Approach to History.”

As we go through the bad motivation and telling omissions from the article, we pivot to a new short course of sorts that we’re calling “Jaffa 101,” as Harry Jaffa had the number of leftists like Hogeland decades ago. We barely got started in this philosophy-mining project before our whisky glasses ran dry, so we’ll continue with more next week.

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  1. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    I love your podcasts and always learn something new while being entertained.

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  2. RufusRJones Member

    The part about ideas versus interests is really critical. It’s extremely stupid to support Democrats. 

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  3. StoughtonObserver Inactive
    @Bruce W Banerdt

    This show just gets better and better.

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  4. RufusRJones Member





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  5. Fresch Fisch Coolidge
    Fresch Fisch

    Half oatmeal, half Grape Nuts, water, then microwave. Honey, sugar, or syrup if you’d like.

    The best morning hot cereal EVER! 

    Euell Gibbons only lived to age 64. So much for eating pine cones. 

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  6. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    I really like that Harry Jaffa quote Steve Hayward read beginning at 46:24 in the podcast. I found the Claremont Review of Books article (and transcript of the conversation at Rosary College) by George Anastaplo in the 1982 Winter issue. Here’s the quote:

    My under­standing of Marxist Communism is that-whatever its own understanding of itself-its necessary result is the extinction of the memory of the past. There will always be a fictitious memory of sorts, which will call itself a memory. But the idea of the leap into freedom-which is essential for the self-justification of Marxism-implies the radical superiority of the future over the past in all fundamental human respects. Any memory of the past, any genuine memory of the past, destroys the illusion of that superiority and hence would have to be ex­tinguished. Remember: our identities, whether as indi­viduals, nations, or cultures, depend on memory.

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