Can it really be possible that this is the 400th episode of this ramshackle podcast? With such a milestone, it seemed a good occasion to get the Fantastic Four who work the site every day together at once (never simple to do), and we decided to do a dry run with a special Zoom webinar for our VIP subscribers.

Savor this rare occasion, as Steve, Scott Johnson, Joe Malchow and John Hinderaker (resuming his legacy role as the host) gather for this gala 400th episode, where we deflated more balloons than Joe Biden with a dart gun, preview the 2024 presidential field, and also discuss in broad terms some early plans for upgrading the site in the near future.


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  1. Boethius1261972 Inactive

    Full lineup?  Where’s Paul?

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    Love the stories of conservative writers’ run ins with infamous Democrat freaks. Thanks Steve. Victor Davis Hanson recently talked about being hit on by Fang Fang.

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  3. Leslie Watkins Inactive
    Leslie Watkins

    Such an enjoyably informative podcast! Love it when you get the gang back together!

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  4. Steven Hayward Member
    Steven Hayward

    Boethius1261972 (View Comment):

    Full lineup? Where’s Paul?

    He’s launched his own Substack with Bill Otis which you can find here:

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  5. LibertyDefender Member

    I would love to have participated in the online chat during this VIP Live! podcast, but in order to do so, I would need to be a Power Line VIP.

    I would love to be a Power Line VIP, but I’ve recently been re-banned from commenting on Power Line blog posts.  I was first banned when I harshly and precisely criticized Paul Mirengoff‘s constitutional scholarship, shortly before he was summarily disappeared from Power Line.   I don’t know the trigger for my recent re-banning, although I suspect it might be my criticism of Power Line bloggers who rely on Andrew McCarthy of National Review.  But my criticism of Andrew McCarthy, who assured us for years that

    • the FBI and DoJ would never apply for a FISA warrant based only on the obviously unverifiable Steele “dossier;”
    • James Comey is a patriot;
    • Rod Rosenstein is a patriot;
    • Robert Mueller is a rock-ribbed Republican straight-shooting stand-up lawman;
    • Merrick Garland is an inspired choice for Attorney General;
    • All FBI field agents and DoJ employees are dedicated, honest enforcers of equal justice under law; . . .

    is far milder than the criticism that Lucretia routinely – and appropriately – lays on McCarthy during 3 Whisky Happy Hour podcasts.

    If someone at Power Line can get me a pardon, I’ll shell out for Power Line VIP status.

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