As promised in our last episode, we return early this week with the first in a series of bonus episodes devoted to a deep dive into the New York Times‘s agitprop “1619 Project” that seeks to place slavery and racism as the central fact of the American story. In this first installment, Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery, “Lucretia” (who happens to teach political philosophy and American government . . . somewhere), joins Steve Hayward in examining and explaining some of the myths about the Founding, and in particular the common claim that the Declaration of Independence did not mean to include blacks in its famous phrase “All men are created equal.”

From there Steve and Lucretia go on to discuss the significance of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and debunk a number of myths about the Constitution, such as why the famous “3/5ths Clause” did not mean that blacks were only three-fifths of a human being (quite the opposite in fact), how the Commerce Clause and the importation clause were substantial if complete victories for the anti-slavery clause, the deeper story behind the fugitive slave clause, among other things. Only by a gross or intentional distortion of history can someone claim that the purpose of the Constitution was to secure and promote slavery.

We’ll have at least three more installments in this series over the next few weeks, so bookmark this podcast, and check back in often. We’re just getting started.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Excellent! I hope I can remember some of these fact if talking to someone who will believe this ”1619′ project. Looking forward to the further installments. And once again I say I think I would have gone to law school if I had known there were professors like Lucretia and Mr. Hayward around. Again congrats on a wonderful podcast.

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  2. RufusRJones Member

    Conservatives and libertarians really need to get it straight in their heads how the left twists the concept of equality.

    It’s always bothered me when people say “not everyone should go to college”.  I think as many people as possible should get educated as much as possible and everything that is true and constructive. If the media and all education is totally leftist and pro-statist doesn’t that mean we are all doomed?


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