Last week I was honored once again to be the after dinner speaker for the fall meeting of the Friends of Ronald Reagan, a local civic group in Los Angeles that meets at the California Club to celebrate the enduring greatness and example of the Gipper. It’s always a fun evening, usually capped off with brandy and cigars out on the patio when dinner concludes.

I decided to talk about how Reagan responded to the nonsense 50 years ago about “the Woodstock generation,” which received another self-congratulatory airing this summer on the 50th anniversary of that famous mudfest. There are clear lessons for us today from Reagan’s disposition back then, since we are living through some echoes of that time right now.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    I think those liberal politicians who embraced the Sixties “counterculture” were really using it as a stalking horse, to promote left-wing policies they had favored all along, but kept to themselves for reasons of political survival. 

    The Left always operates by concealing its real goals and attempting to appear moderate. 

    Compare it to the way Democrat politicians make delicate use of race riots to promote their goals.  “Of course we deplore the riots, but blah blah racism blah blah just grievances blah blah inequality …”


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  2. Taras Coolidge

    Listening to what Ronald Reagan said about the counterculture, I realize that he and Donald Trump are more similar than I thought.  

    Reagan then and Trump now, both refuse to worship at the altar of the Sacred Cows. 

    (Though if Trump used the phrase, “sacred cow”, he would be offending against one of the Left’s, dare I say, sacred cows!)

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  3. Gary Robbins 🚫 Banned
    Gary Robbins

    A great interview.  I just visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, so this podcast was perfect for me to hear.

    While Trump has followed some of Reagan’s policies, it would be hard to think of any President who is so opposite of the warm, jovial, embracing and inclusive President Reagan as Trump.  It is hard for me to mention them in the same sentence.  


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