This afternoon Paul, Steve, and John got together for a guest-free edition of the Power Line Show. Topic number one was, of course, last night’s GOP debate in Iowa and the state of the races in both parties.

Steve and Paul ventured predictions on New Hampshire. They found time for a few more stories in the news, including the latest on Hillary’s home email server, possibly the worst IT decision in the history of the computer. The question, though, is whether anything short of indictment can derail the Clinton Express, given the Clintons’ already low reputation for honesty, transparency and so on. And, should Hillary unexpectedly be indicted, do the Democrats have a Plan B?

Finally, they moved on to the day’s scariest news story: the Zika virus. Facts are still in short supply, but one thing is clear: if we are weighing thousands (or more) of deformed babies against one of 3,000 mosquito species, our various governments had better not be listening to radical environmentalists. It was, as usual, a spirited and entertaining conversation.

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  1. listeningin Inactive

    I just wanted to say that I laughed out loud before I even started the podcast… “possibly the worst IT decision in the history of the computer.”  You are RIGHT… that is totally, actually, in every way literally true.  What worse thing could someone do than make the security of the most powerful nation in the world vulnerable to terrorists and tyrants?  I guess I shouldn’t actually find THAT funny, but man…good point.

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  2. Peabody Here Inactive
    Peabody Here

    It is not correct that New Hampshire allows crossover voting in the primary. Undeclared voters can vote in one party’s primary or the other’s. But a Dem cannot vote with a GOP ballot nor vice versa.

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  3. The Unreasonable Man Coolidge
    The Unreasonable Man

    The CDC is focused on addressing the extremely slowly moving but surprisingly persistent Zima virus.

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  4. Albert Arthur Coolidge
    Albert Arthur

    I listen to political podcasts for the politics, not sports commentary. If Mr. Hinderaker would rather be talking about sports, why doesn’t he start a sports podcast? I wouldn’t listen to it, but I’m sure other people would.

    • #4
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