If a thuggish regime fell in the forest and the New York Times didn’t report it, did it make a sound? This week Steve Hayward talks with Kelly Jane Torrance of the Weekly Standard about what is going on in Iran, where the Trump Administration’s heavy pressure may be straining the regime to the breaking point. But the mainstream U.S. media seem to be ignoring the tidings of increasing unrest and instability. Kelly Jane keeps close tabs with the Iranian resistance in Europe and the U.S. and is well positioned to fill in the gaps.

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  1. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron

    Steve & Kelly Jane,

    The Iranian regime is close to economic implosion.

    Currency Crash: Iran’s Rial Hits Record-Low of 100,000 to the Dollar

    (AFP) TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s currency hit a record low on Sunday of 100,000 rial to the dollar amid a deepening economic crisis and the imminent return of full US sanctions.
    The unofficial rate stood at 102,000 rials by midday, according to Bonbast, one of the most reliable sites for tracking the Iranian currency.

    The rate was confirmed by a trader who spoke on condition of anonymity to AFP.

    The rial has lost half its value against the dollar in just four months, having broken through the 50,000-mark for the first time in March.

    The government attempted to fix the rate at 42,000 in April, and threatened to crackdown on black market traders.

    But the trade continued with Iranians worried about a prolonged economic downturn turning to dollars as a safe way to store their savings, or as an investment in the hope the rial will continue to drop.

    If the pressure stays on the regime will fall. Look out for the EU to try to come to the aid of the Mullahs. The protests in Iran are from the ground up. The opposition government that resides mostly in France has a very sophisticated platform that most Westerners should approve of.

    Something has got to give.



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  2. colleenb Member

    Ms. Torrance was very interesting.  One is not hearing a lot about what is going on in Iran – even from foreign news sources.  I listen to the BBC Radio Hour and France24 but had not heard about the trucker’s strike for instance.  I pray they can get a new government but Turkey, Syria, …. does not make me hopeful.

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  3. Quinnie Member

    God bless those brave Iranians with the courage to revolt.

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  4. HeavyWater Inactive

    I am going to start reading “The Wind In My Hair: My Fight For Freedom in Modern Iran,” by Masih Alinejad.  

    I wonder if Iran’s Berlin Wall moment will arrive within the next 10 years.  

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