“Lucretia,” Power Line’s international woman of mystery, is back with Steve again this week with the third installment in our special series confronting the pernicious New York Times “1619 Project,” this time taking on the argument that slavery is the central factor in the rise of modern industrial capitalism—a proposal so laughable that we actually spend a lot of our time talking about entirely tangential subjects. (For listeners interested in a serious compilation of the defects of the “slavery=capitalism” line, see Bradley Hansen’s copious blog entry on the issue.)

In addition to the continuing vivisection of the 1619 Project, Steve and Lucretia spend time discussing Steve’s recent LawLiberty essay, “How to Get Through the ‘Nationalism’ Minefield,” which Steve feared the exacting Lucretia might find suspect for its oblique flirtation with historicism. But no! All was sweetness and light, which means Lucretia is mellowing about Steve’s longstanding sentimental weaknesses. But as usual Lucretia gets in the best line of the episode: “Guilt is the greatest form of self-indulgence.” It ought to be the motto of the New York Times editorial page.

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  1. rdowhower Member

    59:53 will get you past the music to the Yes, Minister clip if you find the tunes tedious.

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  2. colleenb Member

    Excellent discussion. I feel I am somewhat armed to discuss this 1619 series, slavery, etc, should I find myself doing so.

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  3. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    The thing about the Homestead Act is if the recipient fails to fulfill his obligations the land will be taken back . Any attempt to enforce that today would  lead to the exact situation we have at the border and among the urban homeless,  the media bleating about crying women and children, heartless enforcement officers , the cruelty of the nearest Republican etc. The usual scammers would be filling out applications on behalf of Alzheimer’s patients, making accusations of bigotry  and all the rest of the usual chorus. We have passed some kind of tipping point. 

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