Today John, Paul, and Steve got together for Episode 24 of Power Line. They’re joined by Eliana Johnson, Washington Editor for the National Review. They kicked around the latest news and Washington gossip about the presidential race on both sides of the aisle.

The remainder of the podcast was spent talking about the Vester Flanagan murders and related topics such as, the political misuse of mass murder; the futility of more gun control regulations; the historic decline in violent crime, and whether that decline is now being arrested as a result of liberal urban policies; and whether a more effective mental health system could be of benefit, if such a thing is possible. Altogether, it is a lively hour of controversy and commentary.

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  1. Cat III Member
    Cat III

    Dislike Biden for a number of reasons, but he’s a capable politician. He won the Palin debate, not that the VP debate matters, but he did win. Also, I’m with Claire Berlinski. The accusations that Biden is a groping monster are nuts. Bill Clinton he’s not.

    Glad that you make it a point not to blame gay rights activists, even the crazy ones, for Vester Flanagan. No need to stoop to their level.

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  2. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    I look forward to the press corps trying to convince us that Old Joe like all Democrat nominees is ‘brilliant’ .

    As late as yesterday WOR news in NY was saying the Virginia shooter’s motives are ‘unclear’ . Geez, if only he’d left a note or something.

    I no longer live in NYC but just outside, IIRC the last mayoral election was so low key compared to previous ones that it seemed like it was held in a vacuum. I have since wondered if it was intentional, have an election and don’t make big deal about it, just turn out the unions and the city workers and you can win with 70% of the 23% who show up.

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  3. ParisParamus Inactive

    Trump is leading because he has the gravitas and communications skills to win and defeat the MSM. He makes everyone else seem wimpy. Newt did the same thing last time, but not quite as well. Perhaps later, the flaws in his portfolio will overshadow these strengths, but we are still early in the interview process.

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  4. Freesmith Member

    Long after Vesper Flanagan joins Colin Ferguson and Omar Thornton down the media memory-hole, Dylan Roof will be the subject of outraged editorials and op-eds in the MSM decrying racism and advocating gun control.

    By the way, if you think suburban housewives all across America have suddenly developed an interest in handgun proficiency because Cosmopolitan or Vogue said pistol ranges were chic or cool, you may want to think again about Ferguson, Thornton and Flanagan.

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