Described as the ‘largest and most sophisticated attack ever,’ the hacking of SolarWinds Inc. shocked the cybersecurity world and led to a massive compromise of networks owned by the U.S. government and Fortune 500 companies.

After breaching SolarWinds, a top tier technology company, the hackers used their access to infiltrate its many clients. The list of exposed organizations included the Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, and many others. The most likely culprit is a hacking organization affiliated with the Russian military, often referred to as “Cozy Bear.”

The full extent of the breach remains unknown, but the hackers operated in the networks for months before being detected. The amount of sensitive information stolen is likely massive.

To protect the American people, it is critical that we understand this hack and what the Russian government hopes to get out of it. The United States must know how to confront this threat going forward, as it is only a matter of time before Cozy Bear, or another group like it, strikes again.

As the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf brings a unique view to this topic based on his direct experience. Scott Jasper is an expert in Russian cyber operations. Together they will provide a great window into the hack and why it should matter to everyone.


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